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Propr Branding Workshop

Every successful business needs a brand strategy. When you integrate a comprehensive brand strategy into products and companies, they market and sell themselves. Why? Because your brand strategy provides a path to guide all enterprise actions, unifying individuals, teams, business systems, and culture on the pursuit of a clear common goal. You’ll smash the walls between design, marketing, advertising, business development, sales, and HR. A unified brand moves forward with purpose and gains immense momentum.

Developing a strong brand strategy is challenging, and without the propr facilitator, outright overwhelming. That’s why where the Propr Brand Workshop helps—created a decade ago by our founder Bobby G as a discovery process to extract critical customer and brand information for customers. He used this information to provide his teams with the tools and confidence needed to produce the best possible work to get unmatched results.

During the process with clients, he realized the client’s leadership gained incredible insights and confidence in their brand and company. After countless continuous iterations and improvements, Bob repackaged his process as the Propr brand development workshop to offer the same tools and confidence to Propr’s clients to gain unmatched results. Companies across the country, large and small, have become better from our deep, raw, and enlightening workshop.

Let’s take a look at the workshop parts, the system that will achieve your goals.


The 5 Components of a Brand with a Soul

1. Brand Foundation

  • Core Values
  • Purpose
  • Message
  • Personality

2. Brand Position

  • Brand Opportunity
  • Marketing Channels
  • Competitor Research
  • Target Audiences

 3. Personas

  • Empathy Map
  • Keyword Research
  • Tone
  • Tagline

4. Roadmap

  • Current brand audit
  • Recommendations
  • Project Plan

5. Design

  • Brand Design

Brand Foundation

Core Values

Core values are the cornerstone of your brand. Your core values are non-negotiable in your belief system; they would never change regardless of the setting or external pressures. As the first and most critical piece of your brand foundation, they are the founding principles of your institution, the pillars of every message delivered, and they show up in whatever sort of business you run.


Your purpose beyond making money. Your brand purpose is composed of your core purpose as an organization, your company’s mission, and its leadership vision, guiding it into the future.  


The overall key message the brand trying to communicate. Our brand message is composed of your “why,” then our what, how, and who. Our brand message defines our differentiators, value proposition, and culture.


Your brand personality is the overall tone and attitude we use to deliver our message. Brand personality is a set of human characteristics attributed to the brand name. A brand personality is something people can relate to; by building a consistent brand with traits your audience can identify with, you’ll increases brand equity and become more likable.

Brand Position

Marketing Channels

We determine your brand’s top marketing channels, which offers the most significant impact on getting your message to your audience and bang for your buck. We want to know where your customers and audiences are looking for you. 

Competitor Research

We explore the industry and landscape—auditing what the competition is doing well and where they are weak. This data helps us exploit the competition’s weaknesses and firmly position your brand as the obvious better choice with a clear and mighty differentiator and value proposition. 

Target Audiences

Not all target audiences are consumers. Here we identify and list targets that include recruiting, sales, contractors, peers, influencers, and more to understand why they should care about your brand. Once we have a comprehensive list, we develop personas to help inform strategy and opportunities. 

Brand Opportunity

Inspired by this research, we write your Brand Opportunity Statement. The BOS identifies what problem you’re trying to solve, whom you’re solving the problem for, why they’re struggling, how solving the problem can help your business. Then we identify where the people are and map that to your marketing channels to help devise your marketing strategy.


Empathy Mapping

Empathy mapping is a tool we use to get to know your customers and target audiences better. By understanding what each group thinks, feels, says, and does, we develop deep insights into what matters to them and positioning your brand as the best choice for them.

Keyword Research

There’s no point in having a likable, engaging, and customer-centric brand if no one can find you. Keyword research will inform marketing, advertising, and web design efforts to ensure your targets find your fantastic brand. 


Let’s build a connection with your customers and audiences with a brand tone of voice that connects with them appropriately, emotionally, and consistently. 


Derived from your core brand message, your tone of voice, and what best resonates with your audience, we compose a unique and concise brand tagline that will inspire, inform, and delight.

Brand Roadmap

Current brand audit

With the knowledge and confidence generated through the previous steps, a comprehensive brand audit comes next. In the audit, we identify where things are working and aligned, where a pivot is needed, and where things are wrong. 


Post-audit, we provide our brand recommendations, rank priorities, and identify levels of effort. Our recommendations and advice will inform our discussion about the next steps together. 

Project Plan

Now what? You know who you are as a brand, who your customers are, what matters most to them, your messaging, and the avenues to get your message to them. Let’s unleash this energy and enthusiasm on the world. Now we put together your priorities, budget, and timeline to make your brand identity, website, marketing assets, and more into the tools you need to build a rock-solid brand that consistently delivers unmatched results!


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