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A strategic branding platform, identity refresh, marketing tools, a new website, and digital templates for Baltimore’s premiere children’s museum.

Download the Museum Branding Case Study

Museum Branding & Marketing

Port Discovery Children’s Museum is located in downtown Baltimore, near the Inner Harbor tourist and business district. It is a non-profit that carefully curates play and learning opportunities designed to help children and their caregivers learn about themselves, build connections to others, and engage with the world around them.

Each year, Port Discovery serves hundreds of thousands of visitors in the Museum and through programs in the community. The Museum is ranked among the top 10 Children’s Museums in the United States, and it is one of the top four most visited museums in Baltimore, Maryland.

Propr Agency partnered with Port Discovery to refresh its brand strategy, update brand assets, and redesign its website to support the Museum’s operations and target audience. This Case Study focuses on the challenges, objectives, solutions, and results of the Museum’s branding project.

Download the Museum Branding Case Study


Port Discovery Children’s Museum partnered with Propr Agency following a change in leadership. With a renewed strategic direction, Port Discovery faced two primary challenges.

  1. The Museum was undergoing numerous changes, and the leadership needed a way to effectively communicate the new strategic plan to numerous stakeholders at all hierarchical levels, from employees to board members.
  2. Port Discovery partners with various vendors to produce an abundance of events and programs throughout the year. They need an effective and efficient way to improve the consistency of the brand’s presentation across all media and with all audiences.

Download the Museum Branding Case Study


Propr Agency’s key objective was to strategize and implement solutions for Port Discovery’s brand challenges that meet the following qualifications:

  • Improve operational workflows
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduce or stay within budget


In collaboration with Port Discovery’s marketing and communications leaders, we identified three critical deliverables for this project that would address the Museums needs:

  • Revamped branding platform & identity
  • Interactive branding guide
  • Marketing and program collateral


Download the Museum Branding Case Study

The interactive brand guide looks amazing, and it’s so useful. I cannot even explain how valuable it is. It’s a game-changer. THANK YOU!

Sophie Shippe Director of Marketing and Communications,
Sophie Shippe
Director of Marketing and Communications, Port Discovery

Propr came into the project with a very different approach than everyone else I‘d ever worked with for a web development project. Their biggest strength was that they took the time to understand our organization to ensure that both of us were a good fit and get to know the people involved.

Abbi Ludwig Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Port Discovery Photo
Abbi Ludwig
Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Port Discovery

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Download the Museum Branding Case Study


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