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The industry leader in denial management software & support services launches a new name, brand identity, and Saas rebrand & website.

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Preventing Denials. Winning Appeals.

The sting of insurance companies denying legitimate claims hurts the individual and the hospitals and health systems treating the sick. Internal teams get jammed up by these predatory practices, which can crush their already slim margins and overwhelm administrators.

Denying legitimate claims is a dirty tactic insurance companies use to increase profit. And it is only getting more common and more challenging to combat by hospitals and health systems. Most providers don’t have the people, technology, experience, skills, and resources to take on the insurance companies. That’s why PayerWatch exists.

PayerWatch is the industry leader in preventing denials and winning appeals. PayerWacth provides software, support, training, community, and the expertise hospitals and health systems need to protect revenue and fight for what’s right.

Brand Strategy

Our brand discovery and audit revealed the former name “Intersect Healthcare” had very little recognition and equity within the industry, and customers consistently referred to the company by the names of its SaaS product and support services.

As a name, “PayerWatch” captures the fighting spirit of the brand, reflecting their purpose to hold payers accountable and take the battle to the insurance companies. The name is simple and unifying and demonstrates the company’s ethos.

With a mighty name for the core brand, we developed a flexible brand architecture to ensure the market would embrace and recognize the company as PayerWatch. While the sub-brands and future brands would fit into the structure at scale and not dilute but build brand equity.

“I can say wholeheartedly that the Team at Propr gives a sh!t and it is been a pleasure working with them. They have done an outstanding job for us, and can confidently make this recommendation for their services.”

Rick Scott, CEO | PayerWatch

Brand Identity

The formal identity illustrates the high-tech, powerful, and positive forward movement the brand embodies. Substantial line weights and purposeful diagonal lines emerge from a fully customized Saas rebrand & website, establishing the framework for the entire design system optimized for many unique applications and dynamic usage, such as identities for sub-brands and the design systems to establish a consistent and unique visual brand across digital, the web, and print.

Brand Architecture

PayerWatch is an established company supported by well-known branded products and services—perhaps too well known since its customers consistently refer to the company by the names of its products and services. Classic brand confusion, but something we help our clients with all the time.

Just as they are committed to fighting for their clients, PayerWatch came to us determined to shedding complexity and embracing simplicity.

Channeling its brand awareness and equity through its new corporate name, and establishing its products, services, and future brand equity into a branded house, allowed PayerWatch to shed bloat and problematic brand equity concerns for clarity and focus.

The Website

A minimum viable product (MVP) website is a great way to check the boxes, create an early digital footprint, and bridge the gap between a start-up and an established company. But eventually, the MVP website is no longer good enough. Typically the symptoms brands experience are poor, or no leads online, a high bounce rate, and low page views and time spent on the site.

In the PayerWatch case, the technology was old, the messaging wasn’t right, and the website was telling the wrong story.

Our first step was to identify core customer profiles, then at the highest level, offer visitors segmented paths to follow to explore content optimized to their needs and goals.

We re-platformed the website from an overly complicated, overbuilt, dated Drupal CMS to WordPress, offering custom post types and incredible user-friendly admin with a foundation of performance and scalability.

Operationalizing the Brand

We deliver self-sufficiency and empowerment to our clients with a solid brand foundation, tactical and performance-focused assets, and the knowledge to confidently manage the brand.

Extensive but practical brand guidelines ensure teams say the right thing to the right people consistently and robustly, in both word and image.

Merging business and sales goals with the brand and marketing strategy ensures a silo-free and unified company-wide effort to work toward the same future state and minimize unnecessary, complex, and counterproductive efforts.

Propr provided PayerWatch with an extensive library of Canva and email templates to utilize in their social and email campaigns, live events and trade shows, and content creation. Our efforts resulted in PayerWatch’s confidence to build out its internal marketing team to run day-to-day growth marketing operations.

Case Study


Already the nation’s leading clinical revenue cycle and process improvement solutions provider, PayerWatch was committed to extending its national leadership and further influencing the industry’s future.

Internally, we needed to clarify the core purpose and mission of the brand—why they do what they do and what makes it so fulfilling for their teams, and build off that while removing the excess that genuinely didn’t matter. Externally, we also needed to simplify the multiple sub-brands overcomplicating their market reputation. And clearly articulate the continued value of the business to clients, peers, and the industry at large—a blend of technology, experience, determination, and expertise into adaptable and cutting-edge solutions. Helping PayerWatch fight for their customers against resource-heavy insurance companies. 


Our starting point was to focus on the brand purpose, mission, and core values, the foundational components of every strong brand. We worked hand-in-hand with senior leadership to articulate what PayerWatch does and for whom in straightforward language that speaks to their customers’ needs. From here, we rebuilt the brand from the ground up. 

In Spring 2022, we launched PayerWatch. A new visual identity, market positioning, value proposition, and custom WordPress website supported the Saas rebrand. We developed a comprehensive rollout strategy to help employees in the new business, focusing on the company, culture, clients, and community. 


As a result, the business saw a significant rise in pride and unity following the launch of the new brand. In just six months after the launch, the entire PayerWatch brand was activated for growth, consistently represented across all print, environmental, and digital channels.

Propr supported the transition to take ongoing marketing efforts in-house as the PayerWatch team was poised to build out their internal marketing division. 


The industry leader in denial management software & support services launches a new name, brand identity, and enterprise website.

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