Our Manifesto

We Are Propr

We are passionate about helping you clarify, activate, and grow your brand.

Our purpose is to empower, enable, and help make you self-sufficient.

We are different due to our dedication to our client’s best interests.
We want to do what is best for your brand and future customers.
We measure success not by styling but by performance and empowerment.
We don’t take orders.
We are problem solvers, and we always diagnose before we prescribe.
We will earn your respect and trust, and you will do the same.
We do not stand for the mistreatment of our team or partners.
We got your back.
We give a shit.

Our specialty is devising custom brand strategies that inspire high-performing design, messaging, and custom WordPress websites.

Our Mission is to ask why. Have a purpose. Quantify choices. Maximize impact. Do things only the right way. Teach and empower.

Our goal is to use design thinking to devise practical courses of action to change existing conditions into preferred ones.

We are guided by our vision to collectively work towards solving common goals.

Creativity That Performs

Our mission is to help you grow your brand and company, with or without us. Your confidence and self-sufficiency in managing and scaling your brand with high-performing assets, actionable strategies, and easy-to-manage websites, as shown here, are the method to your sustainable success. "Luck is not a business model." -Anthony Bourdain

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    Propr helps you design how humans connect with your brand: holistic brand strategy & creative direction for small businesses.

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