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The name will be one of the most identifiable elements of the brand.

Propr’s Brand┬áNaming Worksheet is designed to help you be diligent and effective in the naming process by ensuring you have the right mix of:

  • Creativity
  • Meaning
  • Impact
  • Application
  • and, Availability
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Propr Results

The Naming Worksheet will help you:

  1. Be more diligent in your naming process.
  2. Think outside of normal constraints.
  3. Not waste time by quickly moving beyond not appropriate options.
  4. Efficiently name your brand, fast.
  5. Be more confident in your name selection.
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You’ve Got This

Brands are living, evolving things, and change can be beneficial. Whatever the case may be for your brand, fret not. Propr helps brands in all states, from good to bad, and stages of the corporate life-cycle. We help evaluate your situation, clarify messaging, align culture, unify teams, develop compelling creative, and grow revenue.

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