Write More, Influence Others, Build Authority

Write More, Influence Others, Build Authority

I did a lot of writing in 2021 and look forward to doing even more in 2022. I encourage you to do the same. Writing more and getting it out there helps you build authority and influence others, both of which lead to more significant opportunities. Here are some tips to help you embrace writing more.

Why write?

Writing helps me formulate my ideas and perspectives on essential things for me and many others. Sure, I think and talk a bunch too, but nothing crystallizes my point of view like writing. 

What should you write about?

The answer is whatever you give a crap about. But start here, begin by writing about your point of view on things relevant to your business, career, and interests. Don’t be afraid to be a contrarian, be provocative, or piss some people off; IMO that shows your passion for the topic and a commitment to getting your point of view out there.

Who is your audience?

People who give a crap about the same things you give a crap about. If you do turn some people off, that’s fine, but like-minded folks will be attracted to your realness even if they don’t agree with everything.

How much is enough?

Don’t use writing as an SEO tool; it is part of marketing your brand (remember brand = reputation), but focus on writing once a week to start and go up from there. This approach is way more valuable than trying to play the algorithm game. 

Some practical tips on being a stronger writer

  • Use Grammarly or another grammar app to make sure you’re putting out a polished piece.
  • Don’t strive for perfection, strive for authenticity, and don’t sweat the small stuff; get your ideas out there.
  • Keep it real, be yourself, and get excited about writing and sharing.

Happy writing, and remember to be yourself, keep it real, constantly improve, have fun, and take imperfect strategic action.



By: Bobby G


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