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Believe the hype!

Social media is now full of delightful images and lovely stories of people cheerfully working remotely. And guess what, their companies aren’t collapsing and their customers aren’t falling apart. That’s because when respect and professionalism are core to your culture, a remote workforce is always better. While this doesn’t apply to all work, for example, factory, construction, and warehouse type-gigs need folks onsite; it does aptly apply to professional services. 

Congrats if you are finally picking up what we’ve been throwing down. In this incredibly connected world, it makes little sense to only source creative talent from your local market. And it makes even less sense only to consider local agencies as your trusted creative partner. 

It’s How We Roll

Propr has been building high-performance custom teams, what we like to call “drafting your dream team” since I founded the agency in 2014. We don’t believe housing a large team under one roof in a central location is the proper way to do business and the best method to serve our clients. While we do have a super chill HQ in Baltimore, we have trusted partners all over the country that we call on to selectively build the perfect team for your company based on your industry, challenges, requirements, budget, and goals. No agency can provide the results we deliver with whoever happens to be on staff at that time. 

We also play really well with others. Meaning we don’t need to draft the team in full, we love to collaborate and work with internal teams, other agencies, and freelancers of your choice. This is what being agile and results-focused really means.

Some Results From Our Approach

Play Above the Rim

There are still common fears customers have when looking to hire a creative agency that leverages the power of a fully remote team. With the right leader at the helm, you can capitalize on super high performing teams that excel at delivering the results you desire without any of the common issues onsite teams have, such as:

  • High overhead due to bloated payrolls and expensive leases.
  • The old “bait and switch” where senior leadership does the selling and green junior staff do the delivery.
  • Low quality or poor service from a small pool of local talent.

But, But, But…

No buts about it. The current global situation has thrust many reluctant companies into remote working utopia. Here’s a brief list of the most frequent comments you should reconsider making:

  • “We want to only work with someone we can meet with in-person.” Usually a red flag for control and trust issues, good thing Propr always has our client’s best interest at heart.
  • “If you’re not local to us, you wouldn’t understand our business.” Sounds like you have a brand problem and struggle to tell your story, we can help! 
  • “Bigger is better!” Wrong! Big agencies are fixed in their ways and slow to adapt, only more expensive and as agile as a freight train. Read more about agile vs big agencies.

It’s True It’s True 

Propr has won and lost countless clients based on that single variable: “location.” Relationships are essential to us and the success of our work, and we do strive to meet with our clients in person whenever possible. However, being able to meet face to face, in person, and in real life is not a critical factor in the results we bring our clients. Great communication and building the best and most talented team for your unique business is a million times more valuable.

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The Value of Growth Driven Design

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