What's the Most Compelling Message You Can Send Your Customers?

Good question.

Most would consider responding with our capabilities, services, products, premium ingredients, or the latest technology and processes. 

While it is essential that you can handle what your customers need and want, leading with your products, services, processes, or ingredients isn’t very compelling to your customers. 

In fact, it is boring and often unnecessary. 

The most compelling message your brand can send your customers is the values you live by and stand behind.

According to HBR, “The pandemic truly challenged brand loyalty.” Customer loyalty derives not from products or services but from what you and your brand stand for. According to Forbes.com, over 90% of consumers what to engage with brands with a clear purpose. 

When you differentiate your brand through your core values, you’re providing a road map for your team, vendors, and collaborators on what matters most and is non-negotiable. 

This is how you empower your team and brand to be itself consistently and comfortably. 

Transparently and actively standing for what matters most—your core values—sends the most compelling message to your customers and will lead to great results for all facets of your operation.


By: Bobby G


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