What's the best way to authentically differentiate your brand?

I’ll tell you.

First, let’s establish what we mean by “brand.” Your brand is not your logo, name, message, product, or service. It’s the reputation of your company.

Those other things represent your brand. In other words, your logo, name, message, product, or service are an expression of the reputation you are working hard to earn.

So, to differentiate your brand from everyone else, even if you sell a commodity, is to be yourself. As Naval Ravikant said, when you are your authentic self, you have no competition because no one can compete with you in being you.

He is right.

But how do you clarify your brand (reputation) and make it understandable and actionable for your team and collaborators?

That’s easy.

Define your 3-4 core values and purpose (in your brand voice), and commit to using your values and purpose as guidelines for every decision made by every leader, employee, team, and collaborator in your company.

As Seth Godin said, everything is marketing. He’s also right because everything you do sends a message. Make sure that message conveys your values and purpose, and you’ll earn the right reputation every day.

You must be consistent, which will come easily with actionable and authentic core values.

This works and is a huge part of Steve Jobs’s legacy at Apple and one of his best lessons for all business leaders. And that’s why before any pixels are pushed or words are written, we at Propr clarify and understand your core values, contact us to get started!




The Business Power Hour Guest Appearance

By: Bobby G    02/2023

The Business Power Hour Guest Appearance

By: Bobby G


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