What To Do When Your Business Growth Plateaus

Tale of 2 Brands What happened to Polaroid and Nokia

Success comes easy for some, but it is hard for most. Whatever your path to success looks like, eventually your business hits a plateau. Things that didn’t matter so much before are critical issues preventing sustainable growth. Here are some things to think about and one solution that has helped others “get their shit together”.

Take a Hard Look in the Mirror

Look closely at your current situation. Here is a list of questions to help you understand your current state. Answer these questions honestly:

  • Does your website support your sales process by helping convert prospects into customers?
  • Are you spending marketing dollars with little insight into their impact and results?
  • Do you have the content you need for confidentially executing your sales strategy?
  • What do you aspire your business to be? Are you on that path?
  • Does others perception of your business match what you want it to be?
  • Are your core values clear to your team and customers?
  • Do you know what makes you different and better?
  • Are you happy with the answers to these questions?

If you answered no on the final question, you don’t have your shit together. However, don’t worry most businesses don’t. Fortunately, it’s not too late.

Find a Partner

You understand your business. You built it up and wore a ton of hats. Things you’ve done in the past bridged the gap for a while. That inexpensive bland website was the only option with your lean budget. The logo your nephew did was good enough. The obligatory unmeasurable marketing spend felt right at the time. Still, you know things only go so far. The good news is you’ve had some remarkable success lately and are ready to invest in building your brand the right way and commanding the attention you deserve. The only problem is, where do you turn for help?

You could hire a single employee to work in-house. However, will that six-figure salary deliver the same results as hiring an outside agency? With an agency you have to consider who is working on your account, often its inexperienced “implementers” and not the industry leaders driving strategy and measurable results. Both options will help move the needle, but when you are looking for sustained growth, we recommend another solution to help you get your shit together.

Outsourced Leadership

Let’s face it; you’re busy running your business and pushing for growth. You don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to take on putting together the marketing plan, hiring a single “marketing” employee, or juggle communication with an agency to make the most of your budget at this critical juncture. It would be best if you had outsourced creative and marketing leadership to work in your best interest.

Strong outsourced leadership will understand the big picture, align with your business goals, know your customer, and strategize on how to engage them. It would be best if you had partners fully vested in your success that work on what makes the most sense for your business.

Talented outsourced creative and marketing leadership from Propr will design and build the growth engine your business needs. We handle the strategy, planning, implementation, and measuring of custom holistic solutions. We guide the process of upgrading your website to become a magnet for traffic, creating the content that informs and inspires your customers, design assets and collateral to match your brand aspirations and build the tools and confidence you and your team need to grow the business.  


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