Unleash the Power of a Rebrand

Unleash the Power of a Rebrand

A rebrand is a transformational exercise that can activate growth, revitalize a company, inspire consumers, and alleviate disasters. According to Entreprenuer.com “Rebranding is a perfectly common business move for major companies, and has been for many years.” But don’t think of a rebrand in simple terms. While a rebrand can be a simple refresh of a logo, the rebrand’s real power doesn’t come from a new identity. The power of a rebrand comes from the brand strategy. This begins with a deep dive into the company and fuels a concise brand strategy that will unleash your brand’s potential. When the plan is authentic and practical, design, marketing, advertising, business development, and sales all become integrated, as they should be. Below, we address two types of rebranding: reactive and proactive, along with reasons for each.

Reactive Rebranding

Ground control to Major Tom, we got trouble. Sometimes a rebrand is the best way to manage an existential crisis within a company. Here are four common situations when it’s do or die for your brand.

Proactive Rebranding

Zoltar says, make your wish. Look into your crystal ball or invoke your best Nostradamus to see the future of your brand. If your spidey sense tingles, seize the opportunity to head off potential threats at the pass and use a proactive rebrand to maintain and grow your market share.


Are you ready to get your rebrand rolling?

Whether it’s damage control, revitalization, an overhaul, or a whole new gameplan, start with a deep dive–like the Propr Branding Workshop–and develop a holistic brand strategy to properly allocate your resources and get the most out of your rebrand efforts. The Propr approach to branding invigorates companies, empowers leadership, and builds an excellent culture that brings you unmatched results. Recognized as one of the top branding agencies in the US by Clutch (> read more) and DesignRush (> read more), we blur the lines between brand, design, marketing, advertising, business dev, and sales. Because when your brand has a soul, the rest comes naturally.

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