Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Designing a New Website

7 Questions to Ask Before Designing a New Website

The pressure is on. The new website is a significant investment for the business, and you need to get it right. Getting it right means finding the proper web design and development partner.

We recommend finding partners who start with your business goals and brand aspirations before anything else. You should be confident they share the same clear purpose and vision for your new website. Here is a look at one list of questions for ensuring everyone’s alignment to the common goals.

The Must Answer Q’s

Some firms promise an easy or fun process or a beautiful end product. What’s wrong with a process that challenges you and makes you face the truths about your business? Those truths might sometimes be uncomfortable, but not hiding from them anymore can bring significant changes. Make sure you have clear answers to these questions before you design anything:  

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. Why are they coming to your site?
  3. What are your goals for the site?
  4. What is your brand personality?
  5. What is your expertise?
  6. What is your perceived differentiator?
  7. Is your visual brand in order?

Now what?

Answering these questions will allow your web design and internal team to comprehend your expertise, position in the industry, and what makes you different.  This process will enable the design and content to evolve strategically, supporting the common goals. If all goes right, the result is a new website that engages your users and converts them into customers or leads.

Propr Design

We ask lots of questions to help you get it right and would like to partner with you on your next website, brand, or marketing project. We’d love to tell you about our experience or have you ask one of our clients about us.

By: Bobby G


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