3 Things to Help Get More Out of Your B2B Marketing This Year

1. Stop waiting for the recession. Many brands have cut back or stopped marketing outright in the second half of 2022. These brands will suffer immensely, and the cost to regain the lost brand equity from halting marketing could ruin the business. Even if you have to trim your budget, do so but do everything in your power to allocate resources to stay top of mind and remind your customers and audiences that you are still there and ready to help.

2. Question your channels. Yeah, some of the social channels might help you get in front of your target audiences, but do you really want your brand associated with the sh!t-show of Musk, the spying of TikTok, and the evil of Facebook? If you decide to market on these platforms, you must own it, but we recommend avoiding them at all costs.

3. Be brave & fearless in your marketing. Playing it safe is no way to increase market share or disrupt your industry. So don’t.

All the best this year, and remember, your brand is not your logo or message. It is your reputation; act accordingly!

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