Thoughts on Personal Branding and LinkedIn. Image of a name tag with

Thoughts on Personal Branding and LinkedIn

While my career and business for over two decades have been mainly focused on business and nonprofit brand strategy and creative performance, my area of expertise includes personal branding.

It’s a simple application of the constants in all branding: your brand is your reputation.

It really is that simple. What reputation do you have, and what reputation do you desire? The misalignment is where you need to put in the work to earn the right reputation.

It is always aspirational, so consistency and authenticity are key.

As we all know, you get the reputation you deserve, not necessarily the one you want.

So, dear reader, you may be thinking, hey, Bobby G, what’s your point?

My Point

The point is around the Wild West of LinkedIn users giving themselves job titles that are outrageous in claims or simply not true.

Particularly calling themselves an “expert.”

Here’s the point. When you talk in absolutes and total certainty, you convey a sense of arrogant confidence and closed-mindedness.

Is there such a thing as being an expert at anything? Simply, no.

You may have expertise, specialties, and experience, with an open mind to learn and grow, remaining curious and flexible in your ideas.

Here is the danger of claiming you are an expert or hiring a self-labeled expert: the truth will come out. Is it worth the price you will pay? Again, no.


My advice is to stop calling yourself an expert or using titles that are BS, and avoid those who make the claim. It reeks of arrogance and dogma. And I am pretty damn sure you don’t want that reputation or the reputation of working with these types.

Unsure if this applies to you? If you feel guilty or attacked, trust your gut.

Like I always say, friends, just keep it real.

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By: Bobby G    09/2023

By: Bobby G


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