The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples

The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples

When you’re building a new website for your business, it can be daunting to start from scratch. You want your content to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on customers. This is especially important for real estate websites, which must be aesthetically pleasing, professional, and in tune with homebuyers’ needs. But how do you accomplish all of this without even knowing where to begin?

Fortunately, you don’t need to build your real estate website entirely on your own. There are plenty of ways to find inspiration for your content, and browsing examples of successful websites is one of the best methods that you can use. Here is our complete list of real estate website design examples that might give you the push you need to bring your site to life.

CR Maryland
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples 

This website, designed by Propr Design, instantly grabs viewers’ attention with its vibrant hues and boldface text. It also creates an easily navigable experience thanks to its actionable links, such as Buy Wholesale and Gets a Cash Offer.

After scrolling down a bit, you’ll see a set of stats showcasing CR Maryland’s work for the Baltimore community. This paints a clear picture of the company and boosts customers’ trust in it. Because the statistics represent straight facts, they also present CR Maryland’s accomplishments unambiguously.

Nieva, Inc.
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Nieva, Inc The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Nviea, Inc 2

Nieva’s website has a more minimalist, stripped-down appearance. When you first enter the site, you’re met with a stunning photo of a modern poolside home. This crisp, beautiful image instantly draws the eye and encourages viewers to keep scrolling.

The text throughout the site is simple and easy to read, and it’s set against a dark background to highlight the content. The refined appearance of the entire website reflects the quality of Nieva’s services. This subconsciously communicates to customers that they’re in good hands.

Guy Yarkoni
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Guy Yarkoni The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Guy Yarkoni 2

Unlike the previous two sites, the homepage of Guy Yarkoni’s website does not contain a lot of information. While this may seem simplistic, it turns out to be a highly effective strategy for keeping viewers’ attention in the right place. The first thing that draws the eye is the photo of Yarkoni himself. This upfront picture of the realtor helps create a sense of communication and trust between him and his audience.

At the center of the picture is a neat row of options for clients to choose from, such as Buyers, Sellers, and News. Each option is presented in a way that prevents any confusion or uncertainty. No matter what Yarkoni’s clients’ goals are when they enter his site, they’ll enjoy a simple and uncluttered experience that allows them to get the most out of their visit.

Jennifer Ferland
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Jennifer Ferland 

Every realtor should have a distinct brand that sets them apart from the competition. Jennifer Ferland clarifies her website’s homepage, which declares: “Bringing Wellness to Real Estate.” Further down the page is a brief description of Ferland’s philosophy, allowing visitors to understand what they can expect if they choose to work with her.

This real estate website also gives viewers a glimpse into the types of homes on the San Francisco market. There is a selection of crisp, polished photos boasting various features in various homes, from majestic views to lush greenery. Because visual cues naturally drive humans, photos are a highly effective way to capture and maintain their interest.


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The Altman Brothers
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples The Altman Brothers The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples The Altman Brothers 2

The real estate industry is highly competitive. Realtors need to give clients a compelling reason to choose their services over someone else’s. By looking at the Altman Brothers’ website, you can see that they did an excellent job of highlighting their best qualities. For example, one of the main headers on the homepage announces, “4.5 Billion Sold. Record-Breaking Sales.” This bold statement instantly sets apart the Altman Brothers as a leader in the real estate industry.

Similar to Jennifer Ferland, the Altman Brothers included a description of their services on the front page. Paired with a photo of the two brothers, the About Us description serves as an opportunity to get to know the realtors on a more personal level. There is also a cluster of photos displaying exclusive properties to wrap up the professionally designed website, which gives the website a clean, polished look.

Jade Mills
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Jade Mills The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Jade Mills

This website instantly directs viewers’ attention to its clip of flowing palm trees, sleek cars, and luxury homes. Potential homebuyers know right away that they can expect high-quality service from Jade Mills. This website also takes its navigation bar to the next level by including attractive photos behind each option. Whether you’re interested in Exclusive listings or a simple home search, the clickable options invite you to browse the website at your leisure.

Another notable feature of this website is the Latest Press and Media section. The selection of quotes from leading publications lends credibility to Jade Mills’s services. Below the quote is a crawl that features prestigious titles such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, and CNBC. With so many leading brands supporting Mills’s services, visitors have reason to believe that she can be relied on.

Aaron Kirman
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples AK

The striking black-and-white theme on this website grabs viewers’ attention from the very first click. Beside the font is a picture of Aaron Kirman in black and white to complement the overall theme. Throughout the rest of the homepage, you’ll notice vibrant photos of modern luxury houses and breathtaking landscapes that stand out against the plain background.

This website also stands out for its easy-to-navigate layout. The navigation bar at the top of the homepage lists various options for visitors, like About, Estate Dynamics, and Listings.

Strait Luxury-Tamara Straight
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Strait The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Strait

The visuals on this real estate site do most of the talking. The slideshow, which sits front and center on the homepage, boasts stunning shots of lavish homes among stunning landscapes. No matter what type of residence a customer is looking for, they’ll be sure to find it among the wide selection of beautiful houses.

Another critical aspect of this website is the Latest Properties for Sale section. Most customers want concrete evidence of a realtor’s expertise, and this feature shows that Tamara Straight has recently made many successful sales.

The Improta Team
The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Importa Team The Ultimate List of Real Estate Website Design Examples Improta Team

The immersive footage on this site makes visitors feel as if they’re experiencing it in real life. Because the Improta Team has done such an excellent job of grabbing people’s attention from the start, potential clients are likely to continue scrolling down and learning more about the team of realtors.

Like many of the previous sites, the Improta Team’s website is built to optimize the user experience as much as possible. The smooth, seamless scrolling and precise navigation bar encourage users to explore the entire site and find exactly what they’re looking for without any hassle.

Build a Winning Real Estate Website

This list of successful real estate websites can give you a strong starting point for your design endeavors. If you need some assistance with building a showstopping website, reach out to the experts at Propr Design to perfect the layout of your site and bring it to life. 

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