The 10 Best Mission Statements You’ll Ever Read and Why

The 10 Best Mission Statements You’ll Ever Read and Why

Do you ever wonder why you purchase things from some select brands only, even when other brands offer the same products at a much cheaper rate?

Do you have a fixed café that you visit every day for your morning coffee?

Do you buy your groceries from the same store every week?

Do you purchase electronics of a select brand?

If yes, then it is because of your loyalty towards the brand because of their values. These values are reflected in the mission of the company. Every brand strives to achieve a goal and concentrates on building a better brand image by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Companies try to maintain connections with the customers to enhance their customers’ loyalty towards the brand. But this process is not that easy, as it requires years of dedication and sincerity towards the company’s core values and mission to achieve the desired results.

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a brief description defining the purpose, goals, products, and services that a company provides to its customers. It can be defined as an action-oriented statement that includes a general description of the company’s work.

It outlines the existence and reflects its dynamic objectives since a company’s goals may keep changing with its growth. That is why a mission statement must be revised regularly to accommodate the changes.

Here are the ten best mission statements that will motivate you to develop a similar one for your business and enhance your brand building. So if you are looking for some inspiration to create a mind-blowing mission statement for your brand, then these examples will serve the purpose:

1. Whole Foods

Our deepest purpose as an organization is to help support the health, well-being, and healing of both people — customers, Team Members, and business organizations in general — and the planet.

Whole Foods has strongly impacted its mission statement by using words like “healing of both people.” This mission statement is successful in gaining attention by focusing on benefitting both customers and the company itself. As a multinational supermarket chain, this mission statement is clear enough for the public to understand the motive and objectives that the company is serving.

Whole Foods wanted to reflect their goals of providing healthy food items free from hydrogenated fats and artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. We love this mission statement because Whole Foods strives to care for everyone, and that’s why it mentions everyone’s well-being in general. It has set high standards for the other competitors by providing high-quality food items.


To create a better everyday life for many people.

Do you think IKEA’s mission statement could have something related to high-quality furniture? We think so too, but this mission statement has been planned strategically to draw people’s attention towards the efforts made to make their lives better. 

Using words like “for the many people,” IKEA has made it clear that it wants to extend its reach in the market and expand its customer base to as many people as possible. 

A significant point to highlight regarding this statement is using simple words to make people understand the company’s mission. 

That’s why this mission statement gets our appreciation for accommodating the company’s primary motive in a single sentence.

3. LinkedIn

To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms that connect professionals worldwide and help in building connections. We love the way LinkedIn has incorporated its actual motive and drives people around the world to be productive and successful. People visit LinkedIn when they look for better opportunities and try to excel in their respective fields. With this mission statement, LinkedIn has conveyed that it also wants the same. 

Since LinkedIn is dedicated to connecting professionals worldwide and helping them pursue better opportunities, this mission statement is perfect for reflecting what the platform wants and how it can help you.

4. Forbes

To deliver information on the people, ideas, and technologies changing the world to our community of affluent business decision-makers.

Who hasn’t heard of Forbes? We love the mission statement by Forbes as it beautifully connects all the aspects that Forbes covers. We feel that the use of words like “our community of affluent business decision-makers” in the statement specifies this prestigious magazine’s target audience. 

Incorporating a clear mission statement that highlights the topics covered and the set of audience targeted helps Forbes establish a significant impact on the readers by using just a few words.

5. Tesla

To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Tesla is one of the few companies that has profoundly impacted the market because of its latest technologies and superior products. We think it won’t be wrong to say that Tesla has successfully set its firm foot in the market in very little time. 

Using words like “accelerate the world’s transition” is a smart trick that has added a pun to its mission statement and has created a strong brand image while focusing on its products and making people understand the mission of the company. 

Who doesn’t like to play with words? And in this mission statement, Tesla has done the same by incorporating words that reflect its products while also concentrating on its primary objective of promoting sustainable energy, which is still a long way to go! This statement has admitted to its industry’s immaturity, and that’s what attracts the customers.


Are you looking to grow your business with a stronger brand?

6. Nordstrom

To give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible.

The founder John W. Nordstrom preached the philosophy of superior customer satisfaction, and Nordstrom has been following it ever since. The Nordstrom employees focus on offering you the best shopping experience by providing excellent service, value, and product quality. 

The mission statement is crystal clear regarding its objectives of providing the “most compelling shopping experience possible” to its customers. 

Anyone who has visited Nordstrom will completely agree with its mission statement, as this brand is focused on offering nothing but the best for all its customers.

7. JetBlue

To inspire humanity – both in the air and on the ground.

JetBlue is committed to the mission of its charitable partnerships, effective programs, and affectionate marketing techniques. As stated on its website – “set out in 2000 to bring humanity back to the skies”, the brand focuses on helping and inspiring people by partnering with various foundations to build its brand image. 

Along with superior quality services provided in the air, JetBlue is committed to touching people through its social endeavors reflected in its mission statement.

8. American Express

We work hard every day to make American Express the world’s most respected service brand.

American Express stands out as a credit card company by focusing on its values and enhanced customer satisfaction. Its mission statement is quite simple but incorporates the team philosophy of working together and achieving higher customer satisfaction. 

We love how the brand focuses on informing people that they work to fulfill the customers’ demands.

9. Nike

Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete.

We love how witty this mission statement is. Nike has not only been able to bring out its objectives in the mission statement but has also successfully marketed its product by motivating people to be as active as an athlete. 

Nike has made its mark in the industry because of its superior quality products and marketing efforts. It is no surprise that Nike incorporated a marketing strategy even in the mission statement that is perceived well by the customers as it motivates them.

10. TED

Spread ideas.

Just two words, but they have such a powerful impact! We think only TED could have mastered this mission statement and conveyed its real objectives in such succinct terms. TED talks are very famous, and most people around the world have heard them and felt inspired. 

TED stands for Technology Education and Design and is just about expressing and spreading your ideas with others. That is why by using two words only, this mission statement has served its purpose of informing people what it is about and incorporating the vast business vision by covering all its aspects.

Making a mission statement that defines your company while also helping you set yourself apart from your competitors may seem complicated, but by following the brands mentioned above guidelines, you can easily set a mission statement for your brand that helps your business grow. By forming a dedicated mission statement, you can benefit from the brand loyalty it creates among your customers, who trust you when they know your true motives and what you strive to achieve.

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