Propr Wins Web Excellence Award for PayerWatch Rebrand

Propr Wins Web Excellence Award for PayerWatch Rebrand

“I can say wholeheartedly that the Team at Propr gives a sh!t, and it is been a pleasure working with them. They have done an outstanding job for us and can confidently make this recommendation for their services.”

Rick Scott, CEO | PayerWatch


Propr Design worked closely with PayerWatch, the industry leader in preventing denials and winning appeals. PayerWacth provides software, support, training, community, and the expertise hospitals and health systems need to protect revenue and fight for what’s right. Propr began the process by launching a new name, brand identity, and enterprise website.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Architecture
  • Identity Design & Guidelines
  • Messaging Frameworks
  • Presentation & Template Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Marketing Strategy

Brand Identity

Our brand discovery and audit revealed the former name “Intersect Healthcare” had little recognition within the industry, and customers referred to the company by the names of its SAAS product and support services.

As a name, “PayerWatch” captures the fighting spirit of the brand, reflecting their purpose to hold payers accountable and take the battle to the insurance companies. The name demonstrates the company’s ethos while staying simple and unifying.

With a mighty name for the core brand, we developed a flexible brand architecture to ensure the market would embrace and recognize the company as PayerWatch. While the sub-brands, and future brands, would fit into the structure at scale and not dilute but build brand equity.

PayerWatch Website Comps

Web Design

A minimum viable product (MVP) website is a great way to check the boxes, create an early digital footprint, and bridge the gap between a start-up and an established company. Typically the symptoms brands experience could be better or more leads online, a high bounce rate, and low page views and time spent on the site. But eventually, the MVP website needs to be updated.

In the case of PayerWatch, the website was telling the wrong story, the technology was old, and the messaging wasn’t right. Our first step was to identify core customer profiles, then at the highest level, offer visitors segmented paths to explore content optimized for their needs and goals.

We re-platformed the website from an overly complicated, overbuilt, dated Drupal CMS to WordPress, offering custom post types and incredible user-friendly admin with a foundation of scalability and performance.

Propr is a passionate collection of agile and nimble problem solvers, strategists, and creators with expertise in strategy, design, and digital. Propr helps our diverse range of clients develop and activate their brands with:

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