Propr Wins Web Excellence Award for Port Discovery Children’s Museum Website

Propr Wins Web Excellence Award for PayerWatch Rebrand

“The new website saves us at least 4-5 hours a week on average, and we are already seeing more ticket sales than we had previously with the old website.”

– Sophie Shippe, Director of Marketing and Communications | Port Discovery

Museum Branding and Marketing - Port Discovery Children's Museum

Propr Agency partnered with Port Discovery to refresh its brand strategy, update brand assets, and redesign its website to support the Museum’s operations and target audience. Propr began the process with a strategic branding platform, an identity refresh, marketing tools, a new website, and digital templates.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum came to the table with detailed analytics and customer feedback, revealing how existing and potential customers were underutilizing the website. They found it challenging to find core Museum information, such as ticket types and prices, operating hours, location, parking, and amenities. Information about current events was not intuitively accessible to the user, nor did the design accommodate Port Discovery’s enthusiasm to promote special events and education programs.

From a technical perspective, the old website had not been optimized for mobile traffic, even though over 80% of its visitors were on mobile devices. The site needed to load faster and be easier to navigate on mobile. These user difficulties resulted in high bounce rates and a high volume of customer service calls to answer basic questions such as museum hours. 

Port Discovery’s old website inhibited multiple operational workflows; it was difficult to update, confusing, and extremely time-consuming to maintain. Additionally, it was built on an antiquated platform that is no longer supported.

With the new site, the primary user journey focuses on the target audience seeking Museum information and tickets. It is strategically essential to Port Discovery’s Mission that the new website also communicate its incredibly positive impact on children and the community. Thus, Propr designed a dedicated website section to support this objective to feature the Museum’s mission, highlight its community impact, and thank contributors. Callouts to the purpose-driven content are strategically placed on pages within the primary user journey to increase awareness and differentiate Port Discovery from for-profit indoor playgrounds.

Port Discovery Children's Museum Website Desktop

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By: Bobby G    03/2023

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