Operationalize Your Brand to Do More, With Less

Operationalize Your Brand to Do More, With Less

Budgets get cut, and staff gets gutted, yet as marketers, we are still held accountable for more results and more growth. 


So, how can you do more with less?


Here’s how: Operationalize Your Brand


(At Propr, we do this all the time, so if you need help or want to learn more, give me a shout)


To Operationalize your Brand, you will merge your corporate vision and brand standards with your marketing plan. This provides a forward-focused picture to devise your growth roadmap. 


With the roadmap in hand, we create all the core assets, systems, templates, messaging, and metrics you will need to get similar (often better) outcomes with less.


Here are some common elements of a Propr-ly Operationalized Brand

  • Dynamic Brand Gudileines. No more PDFs or binders; we’ll set you up with an interactive Brand Guide, so everyone works with the same info, eliminate version control problems and missing assets, and creates complete self-sufficiency for you and your collaborators. 


  • Tactical Tool & Templates. Do you ever wish you had easily editable, consistent, and beautiful templates for everything? For example, emails, social media, sales decks, and marketing collateral featuring your brand colors, typography, and design system that even an intern can use to make you look fabulous. That’s what we call T3, and it makes you a rockstar. 


  • Punchlists & Ops. Are you getting the most out of your current efforts? Good question, right? With P&O, we’ll ensure you maximize marketing efforts while minimizing the burden on you and your team. We help you work smarter, not harder, and again make a huge impact. 


These are a few popular ways of operationalizing your brand that will help you do more with less and still get fantastic results and grow! 

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