Lead with Kindness

Lead with Kindness

Shout out to those that are kind, those that give more than they take, you know true happiness. This world needs more of you.


Hey what’s up, folks, your boy Bobby G from Propr Design. You know, there’s a lot going on in the world right now. Not good, right? But I’m, reflecting a lot on on life and the simplicity of life can can have but also reminded of something that was really hammered home to me, my generation as a Gen Xer. That you know, do what makes you happy. You know, your happiness is the most important thing in the world. It’s paramount. Right?

Shame on the grownups and the world back then for really pushing that because that’s not true. Do what makes you happy? That’s the most important thing in the world. That taught us to be selfish, very selfish, right? What if your happiness makes others sad. Feel hurt? Lose out, right? You know, nature, the world, the universe works best when things are in a symbiotic relationship, right? Giving, coexisting, right? Not tolerating, not giving to get right sharing, supporting one another.

So to be truly happy, it’s not to do what makes you happy, actually, I believe and I try to live it all the time. What will make us happy as individuals as communities, teams, countries, the world it’s kindness, kindness, helping, supporting, sharing, not lying. Being authentic and genuine not being so selfish, that you know, someone gets something that you just immediately have animosity for them towards that. Right. It’s helping it’s kindness, right? The more kind you are, the happier you’ll be.

And that’ll be cyclical, right? If you’re supporting the world, supporting your community for supporting your people, that comes back on symbiotic, right? It’s necessary. So just thinking about that. Enjoying the sunsets these days. Enjoying simple things these days. These are interesting times to interesting if you ask me.

Do little things to make the world a little bit more happy for others and that starts with being kind and you’ll be happier yourself. Nothing about business, just about life.

I hope you’re doing well. Go Ukraine.

See you soon.


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