Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business? 

Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business? 

Branding and marketing have been of critical importance ever since the first TV set entered the home, and it’s only grown more important since then. A recognizable brand that resonates with consumers transforms your company from a faceless source of goods and services into something that people feel a connection to. Building these connections was once just a matter of mascots and taglines, but with social media and the internet, the art of branding is more important than ever. If you haven’t updated your brand, you’re at risk of becoming obsolete. 

Knowing Its Time to Rebrand

When your brand is outdated, it is time for a rebrand to keep up with the times and remain in touch with consumers. However, dating isn’t the only potential issue. Your message may be off, translating into targeting the wrong demographics and failing to reach your target audience. Sometimes it’s necessary to rebuild your brand from scratch, but sometimes, you’ll find that modest adjustments are enough. However, identifying the right cure requires diagnosing the problem first. 

You’re Not Differentiating Yourself From the Competition

Every market has its competition, and people generally want pretty similar things from two providers of the same service. However, no two businesses are exactly alike, and all companies have some unique potential strengths to offer consumers. Suppose you’re unable to provide a unique angle for your company. In that case, you’ll struggle to build a brand that resonates as consumers will view you as just one more interchangeable, replaceable brand.

If your marketing doesn’t distinguish itself from your competitors, it’s time to rebrand. 

Your Brand is Outdated and Irrelevant 

Today’s emphasis on humor, relatability, and a casual impression go to the extent that marketing professionals of the past couldn’t comprehend. An overly formal, dry brand can be hopelessly outdated if it’s targeting the 20 and 30-somethings who grew up on the internet. 

When your brand seems out of touch with the trends your competition is following, it’s time to rebrand. 

Your Brand is Attracting the Wrong People 

Depending on your services, local demographics, etc., it’s vital to have an ideal customer in mind. Identifying your ideal customer is an effort unto itself, but then you can tailor your messaging to that group. However, this step is also tricky, and it’s often the case that branding has a disconnect from your ideal customer profile. If you’re not attracting your target audience to your business, several steps need to be taken. For one, you might reassess your ideal customer model and change priorities. It may be better to change your brand and work to better connect to the customer that you have in mind. 

If you can’t seem to connect with the ideal demographic for your company, it’s time to rebrand. 

How Propr Design Can Help You Rebrand

We help our clients define, refine, polish, and develop clear and concise brand strategies that blur the line between business systems and improve culture, recruiting, employee engagement, marketing, advertising, business development, and sales. We work with consumer brands, B2B, and B2C businesses to help transform their business assets like messaging and website into powerful tools of differentiation, engagement, and sustainable success.

Propr Design ” is all about results” we want to learn everything about you, your business, industry, and audience. Our approach focuses on fixing the cause of your problem, not the symptoms. And our process helps our clients be better leaders and more confidently prepared for the growth and results we deliver.



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By: Bobby G    01/2022

Propr Simplicity Mindset

By: Bobby G


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