How Does Your Website Fit into Your Rebrand?

How Does Your Website Fit into Your Rebrand?

There are many reasons why a rebrand may be what’s best for your company or organization.

For example:

– do your customers confuse your name?

– is your positioning wrong?

– are you losing market share or brand equity?

– have you never invested in building a professional and recognized brand?

Whatever the reason for a rebrand, your website must culminate your efforts.

But why?

Your website is the digital face of your brand.

Suppose it isn’t sending the right message to your visitors (poor messaging, clunky design, difficulty in navigation, no apparent purpose, and slow performance, to name a few). In that case, you are hurting your brand’s reputation, and that will negatively impact your entire organization.

Propr recommends breaking down your rebrand into three phases.

Phase 1: Brand Strategy. 

Here we help define your values, mission, purpose, message, and personality. Giving the team a performance-focused roadmap and everything needed to make the best possible decisions for your success.

Phase 2: Creative Expression. 

Here the strategy develops into words & images. To connect better with your audience, build rapport and equity, and feed your vision and goals; your brand expression must set you up for success.

Phase 3: Digital Hub.

Your marketing activity must center on the website. Each step of a strategic rebrand supports the others, and your website should be a majority of your effort and budget. Establishing a website strategy that will guide customer segmentation, information architecture, tiers of conversion, KPIs, and measurable metrics shouldn’t focus on design first but on performance, with the design supporting the desired impact, customer needs, and the establishment of a successful brand.

Key Takeaways

*The success of a strategic rebrand culminates with a high-performing website.

*Strategy + creative expression + clear goals = performance

*Choose an agency partner focused on performance first, not just good design.

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By: Bobby G    03/2023

By: Bobby G


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