Three Steps to Focus your Marketing to Get Results


Marketers, trying to do more with less?

We understand. Here are three steps to focus your marketing and get results no matter your budget.

When I think of prioritizing efforts, I remember the advice my mom gave me when we bought our house, built in 1920. 

“You don’t have to do everything all at once.”

This is brilliant advice for both home repairs and planning your marketing.

Here’s what to do: Clarify > Prioritize > Budget

Clarify your goals

Clearly define, and simplify your business goals and brand aspirations. The more clarity your entire company has around vision and purposes, the easier it is for teams and leaders to optimize the day-to-day to reach them.

Prioritize your efforts

With your big goals in clear view, identify your actions to generate traction and map out the order of importance and operations for small, medium, and significant efforts. With your list in hand, break your efforts into phases (you may need to revisit this part once you have a budget). Remember that you want to build off each step, and the more notable efforts will require groundwork laid in earlier stages. Keep things organized but loose; remaining nimble as marketers are crucial to our effectiveness.

Develop your budget

Excellent; with your goals and plans mapped out, it’s time to build your budget to hit the ground running. Budgeting is an investment in reaching your goals. With any investment, the less you invest, the less impact you can expect, and vice versa. Budgeting can also be a wake-up call, don’t expect to crush your goals and plan while investing as little as possible. 

This formula is an excellent method to get buy-in from higher-ups because it clearly defines your marketing mission and aligns the allocation of money and resources with the goals and aspirations of the company.


Need help clarifying, prioritizing, and budgeting? We can help


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