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Your Brand Matters: Lessons From A Branding Workshop

A Guest Post

One of the benefits of working as a freelance marketer is the ability to work with other groups and organizations as part of their team and learn what makes them successful. Over the last year, I have worked closely with Propr in various roles and projects to help support Propr and their clients. Before this opportunity, I knew the basics of branding, and as a marketer, my attention to the brand was to utilize already set messaging, value propositions, and differentiators. I had little exposure to an in-depth branding process that helps an organization discover and clarify these vital attributes of a brand.

Through my experience with Propr’s Branding Workshop, I understand the power of your brand as a foundational piece of your business. I have seen the difference it makes for the founders of companies as they gain confidence and direction to continue to grow their businesses.

It’s Way More Than A Logo

Branding is misunderstood as just a logo or visual identity. While that is part of your brand, it’s components are so much more than that. Branding is a critical step in business success, which many companies often omit. A strong understanding of your brand includes: 

  • The core values that represent your company
  • The brand message that reflects your core values and answers why your company exists
  • The brand personality that can provide a sustainable point of differentiation

Clear Decision Making and Confidence

We struggle with making decisions for our businesses because of the multitude of directions business owners are pulled in every day. Understanding your brand can help relieve this struggle. A strong brand foundation gives you the platform for making consistent decisions for your business or even better, have the confidence to:

  • Empower others to make decisions based on the core values 
  • Maintain consistent results by following the brand message 
  • Apply the brand personality that appeals to your target audience
  • Articulate clearly the “Why” of your business and it’s differentiators 

I recommend investing in your brands’ foundation now. If you are planning for 2020, going through the Propr Brand Foundation Workshop will help you focus and plan appropriate strategies. You will look at hiring and growth in a new way that brings the right people into the organization. I have seen first hand how an understanding of your brand foundation will positively influence future decisions while making your job easier.

By: Wade Pupek

WWade engages his clients as an Outsourced Marketing Leader who advises, plans and executes marketing strategies for organizations not ready to hire a full-time marketing executive. Working with Wade allows clients to leverage a true marketing leader that brings a wealth of best practices and lessons learned, daily leadership, management, and development from a seasoned marketing perspective to the organization. Contact: Wade@1andthree.com

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