Differentiate Your Positioning

Are you struggling to articulate and differentiate your positioning?

We understand, and you are not alone. Try this.

Start by listing what you do and the tools you use. 

Great, now never use this list to attract clients or attempt to differentiate your brand from your competition. 

Why? Because, more than likely, these are all commodities, and if you attempt to market yourself through the commodification of your company, you’ll find yourself in a race to the bottom on pricing since consumers want the lowest price for these things. 

Now, start a second list of why you do what you do and what outcomes you seek with every engagement. 

This part of the exercise should feel good because you’re reminding yourself why you do what you do. These are the fulfilling parts of your company/job and its purpose. 

Now, take this list, and draft it up as a core message for your brand—shoot for no more than three sentences. Your core message is the message you want everyone and everything associated with your brand to think, feel, express, and embody. 

Congratulations, you have the bones of your differentiator and brand position. Use this as a guide to ensure all marketing, assets, actions, and communications convey your core message.

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Unleash the Power of a Design System

By: Bobby G    03/2023

By: Bobby G


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