What do you think is holding your brand back? It's probably not your website.

What do you think is holding your brand back? It's probably not your website.

Over the years, many of our clients have come to us asking for a new website. Sure, we can help you create a lovely website, and so can many other agencies. And while your website might be crap, that’s a symptom and part of a more significant, more complex issue, meaning your current website isn’t what’s holding you back.

Your website is a tool and expression of your brand. Your brand is composed of these components:

  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Personality
  • Strategic offers
  • Values
  • Purpose

The site must speak to your ideal customers succinctly, telling them clearly that you can and want to help. It must provide an easy journey to explore and learn about your company, philosophies, and purpose while giving them tiered options to engage further. 

Will a new website express your brand effectively and authentically? If you are not clear and confident about all your brand’s crucial and integrated components, then hold off on investing in your new website until you can clarify and solidify your brand foundation.

This can be eye-opening for many marketing and growth leaders. Historically we are told to invest more in marketing and sales to grow, but clearly, putting the cart before the horse. Sure, never stop marketing, at least remain top of mind, but be careful what you are marketing because that is your brand (broken down to components above). 

We see it all the time, even with large corporations struggling to gain further traction with gimmicky websites and campaigns, only to disappoint and frustrate leadership. But once they commit to clarifying and solidifying their brand foundation, design, marketing, and business development become freed from their silos, essential decisions are easier and faster to make, internal teams and leaders feel empowered, and healthy growth is activated. 

The same applies to you and your company. Slow down your strategic plans and start at the foundation of your company and brand. The time and resources invested in doing it right are always very well spent to actualize your vision for the future. 

Does this sound liberating to you? It should because it is. And we are here to help.

Propr helps grow B2B brands through our Brand Clarity, Activation, and Enablement Frameworks. We measure success by empowering you to need us no longer.

Get in touch if you’d like to have a conversation and learn more.

By: Bobby G


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