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We all can agree that having the desire to pursue constant improvement is a crucial characteristic of successful people and companies. According to Daniel Coyle in The Talent Code, no one is born with the inherent skill to achieve greatness. Still, it requires a spark to ignite our internal furnace of wild enthusiasm and passionate deep practice to unlock our abilities. Despite the myth, blues legend Robert Johson became the greatest not because he made a deal with the devil, but because he lived, breathed, and practiced the guitar like a fiend. 

Do you feel the same excitement about your career or company? Fortunately, we can easily access nearly limitless information to get our fix, but it is never enough to quench our thirst for some of us. And that’s a good thing. 

Thanks to the pandemic, I caught the bug again and rekindled my scholarly ambitions and ravenously consumed a litany of books with the extra time afforded to us. I appreciate all the book recommendations from friends, colleagues, and clients that make up this list. In that spirit, I hope to inspire some of you to find the time and enthusiasm to read some of these and make your own reading list to inspire the next phase of your personal and professional growth. 

» Top 5 Branding Books for Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

Read from March to August 2020, in no particular order, my Entrepreneurial  Reading List:

By: Bobby G


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