8-Step Guide To Working Remotely Like A Champ

8 Ways to Work Remotely Like a Champ!

With social distancing, the United States has made a swift shift from traditional in-person office hours to the work-from-home lifestyle. Many people are working remotely for the first time, discovering the benefits and encountering its challenges. For many firms, how well their workforce performs during this time will influence future policy and culture. A remote workforce results in reduced overhead expenses, higher employee satisfaction, a more productive workforce, and the competitive advantage of sourcing talent without geographic restrictions.

At Propr, we know that Remote Has Always Been Better! Here are eight ways to work remotely like a chump champ!

1. Stick to a Schedule

Establish your working hours, deadlines, and breaks and stick to them!

2. Create Your Home Office

Ban your kids, spouse, dogs, and cats from your new home office. They’ll still love you.

3. Use the Right Technology

Use tech as a tool to help you communicate and collaborate well. Be kind and respectful!

4. Engage Regularly

Be intentional about spending time with and talking to your peeps. Don’t be a stranger.

5. Lead by Example

Let people know what truly matters and why they are important. Keep it real!

6. Trust People

We’re all adults here; Don’t micromanage or set unrealistic goals. Teamwork!

7. Productivity is King

Remember, it ain’t about asses in seats; it’s about performance and results. Recognize!

8. Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy the remote life (aka working in your underwear) while you can. Peace & Love!


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