7 Best Tools for Remote Workers

A Remote Worker's Field Guide to FREE Tech & Tools

Whether you are working from home for the first time, or your team is looking to improve remote work efficiency, the secret is to use the right tech tools to help you communicate and collaborate well. At Propr, we know that Remote Has Always Been Better, and using the right technology is a crucial ingredient in how to Work Remotely Like a Champ. Here’s a handy dandy field guide to free tools & tech to help you up your game and perform like a pro.

1. Slack

A chat platform to help you ditch emails and get answers quickly, work together effectively and have some God damned fun. Set up channels by project or team and communicate with colleagues individually. It supports gifs, custom emoji, and file uploads.

2. Zoom

Simple teleconferencing to help you remember what your coworkers look like, if that appeals. Bonus! Apply custom backgrounds so your team can’t see that you’re calling-in from your bed.

3. Trello

Manage projects and tasks in a no BS fashion with this straightforward project-based tool. GET SHIT DONE!


Keep your schedule straight, coordinate with others, and maintain your sanity. Integrations galore!

5. Dropbox

Store, retrieve, manage, and share your files with pesky coworkers and needy clients. Easy access!

6. Harvest

A super simple tool for keeping track of your time and expenses, so you don’t waste either. Time flies. Keep track!

7. Giphy

Search the online database for short animated clips to help liven up your boring messages. #funstuff


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“While having a remote-ready model in place was once viewed as a competitive advantage to attract talent, it’s now a must-have to keep organizations afloat.” — Irene DeNigris, Tech Crunch • March 27, 2020

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