6 Steps To Prepare Your Brand For Life After Covid-19

6 Steps To Prepare Your Brand For Life After Covid-19

Whole industries have been disrupted because of COVID-19. Some companies stopped marketing, while others carried on as if nothing changed. Harvard Business reported that about 25% of marketers halted all paid marketing efforts in fear of negative publicity.

Instead of being reactive, be proactive. A market change is an opportunity to revisit your values and evaluate your brand’s position, but it starts with a willingness to shed assumptions and let go of how things were. In this constantly changing and uncertain new normal, brands must Become Trustworthy and Pivot or Die. Harvard Business Review recommends that marketing leaders plan for life beyond the crisis by understanding the impact COVID-19 has had, embracing new ways of connecting with your audience, and planning for the unexpected by thinking from the outside-in. At Propr, we consider the following six steps to preparing your brand for the other side of COVID-19.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

1. Re-Evaluate

Face reality, then re-evaluate the state of your brand and your team’s process and become more agile, purposeful, and empowering.

2. Review

Review the data! Dig into analytics, employee feedback, customer insights, historical information, industry trends, and consumer forecast to see the big picture and plan accordingly.

3. Reposition

Use the data insights to see what’s changed, identify new trends, eliminate old approaches, and start taking steps to reposition and potentially pivot your brand.

4. Re-Write

Focus on rewriting your brand and marketing message to represent your brand authentically and ensure you’re saying the right thing to the right people.

5. Redesign

Take time to redesign any assets of touch-points that are dated and don’t reflect what you aspire your brand to be on the other side.

6. Rebrand

If your brand is suffering from increased competitive pressure, a negative image, or a weak visual identity, now is the best time for a rebrand.

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We know it can be challenging to know what steps are best for your brand. Sign up for a FREE BRAND AUDIT and Propr will help you understand your brand’s condition before making any critical updates.


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Pivot. Or Die.

By: Bobby G    05/2020

Pivot. Or Die.

By: Bobby G


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