5 Questions to Answer Before Committing to a New Website

5 Questions to Answer Before Committing to a New Website

Do you think your current website is holding you back? Take these 5-questions back to senior leadership and discuss them before doing anything. 

1. What’s good enough?

  • A website should never be a finished product, so it never needs to be perfect. However, have a clear understanding of the bar of excellence, so your teams and collaborators know what good enough means for your brand. 

2. What’s wrong with it?

  • Please don’t gloss over this question; write it out. Your creative team will address the current pains and hopefully the conditions causing them, but they must also look beyond the current issues and plan for the future. In other words, fix these problems, but discuss the subsequent pain and mitigate its impact. 

3. What does success look like?

  • Discuss and map out what successes you’d like to see in 6 months, 12-months, and beyond, then evaluate what hitting those goals are worth to you and your brand. Your answers should help prioritize the budget and resources needed or provide a gut check that a new website isn’t worth the investment at this time. 

4. Is it truly our website that’s the problem?

  • Check all egos at the door and have some real talk around what’s holding your brand back. 

5. What teams will benefit most from the new site?

  • Discuss how a new website benefits the CEO, the sales team, the marketing team, and HR. Each of these business units should benefit from a new strategic website, clarify how they help, and put a value on these benefits so you can justify the investment. 

Reskinning, redesigning, or blowing up your brand’s website shouldn’t be the first step in activation growth and scaling. You need to assess and justify the effort. These questions will start you on your way to doing just that. 

At Propr Design, we never jump right into Brand Activation; we start with Brand Clarity to understand your brand and growth opportunities. We’ll take a deep dive together to:

  • Clarify your audiences and what matters most to them
  • Crystalize your positioning and messaging
  • Outline your vision
  • Solidify your goals and priorities
  • Evaluate the impact on various business units
  • Clearly understand your teams’ and customers’ goals. 

Then we’ll help Activate your growth with a new website and more. Get in touch if this sounds like the right approach to you.  

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