12 Success Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

12 Success Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

So you want to start a business? Are you ready to fail? Hopefully, you’re thinking “yes,” because small failures are learning opportunities that help entrepreneurs find their path to success. With that said, there are some core lessons that all entrepreneurs learn on the way.

Why learn the hard way? Integrate Propr’s 12 Success Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and 9 Ways to Become a Trustworthy Brand into your planning and accelerate your journey to success.

“The way to get started is to quit taking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney


1. Believe

The difference between success and failure is often mindset and attitude. Believe in yourself!

2. Discipline

Great companies have the discipline to do whatever it takes to become the best, then seek continual improvement from there. Overnight success is bullshit. Be disciplined.

3. Listen

We are all excited and passionate about our business, but great leaders are great listeners. Shut up and listen.

4. No, Thanks

It is a fallacy that great leaders always find a way to say yes. Saying no to the wrong deals or opportunities can save you from a lot of pain. Say no!

5. Manage

Manage energy, not time. Overworked and overstressed people make mistakes, are sloppy, and contribute to failure. Focus on results. Have balance!


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6. People

It’s not all about the people; it’s all about the right people. Hire and surround yourself with people of character and similar values. Build your team!

7. Curiosity

Curiosity is the greatest leadership trait of all, it is the catalyst of creativity and innovation. Embrace curiosity!

8. Customers

Know those you serve so you can deliver the solutions they need better than anyone else. Know thy customer!

9. Deliver

Follow through on your customer promise. Making excuses is unacceptable. Integrity!

10. Values

Defined core brand values will guide you and your company when making important decisions and doing work. Live your values!

11. Specialize

Genuine expertise is more valuable than ever to a business. Don’t fear being the best. Develop expertise!

12. Goals

Strategic and clearly defined goals clarify what your company should expect to accomplish over time. Set goals for all aspects of your business. Shoot for the moon!

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