10 Examples of Co-Branding Done Right

10 Examples of Co-Branding Done Right

Co-branding is a technique in which two businesses work together to market a product or service. By teaming up with a reputable, trustworthy, and successful business, a company can gain access to a new audience while establishing credibility. Here are some examples of co-branding done right.

1. Betty Crocker and Hershey’s

As two prominent businesses in the dessert game, it makes sense that they would collaborate. Both in the confectionary world, this partnership is a perfect match for consumers. Together, they’ve released successful products such as “Betty Crocker’s Hershey’s Triple Layer Chocolate Cake Mix.”

2. Nike and Apple

Nike and Apple have created the perfect running partner. It may seem like technology and apparel company doesn’t have much in common, but they cater to a similar demographic: athletes. Combining forces, they created “Apple Watch Nike.” Including the Nike+ Rub Club app and Nike Sports Bands made specifically for running and working out and creating the ultimate device for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle and have Nike be a part of it.

3. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent and International Bird Rescue

Since 1978 Dawn has partnered with the International Bird Rescue and has helped save thousands of animals affected by oil production. They are teaming up to spread a message. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent differentiated itself with its “Dawn Helps Save Wildlife” campaign.

4. Taco Bell and Doritos

Fans of Doritos rushed to Taco Bell to try out the “Doritos taco shell,” ultimately getting both businesses more customers. Created during a brainstorming session in 2009, Taco Bell thought of developing a taco shell made of Doritos, giving them a chance to partner with their sister brand, Frito Lay. With one condition by Frito Lay, the taco shell needed to crunch like a chip and leaves Doriotos’s classic orange residue. Little did they know that they would create one of the most popular fast-food collaborations of all time. After releasing in 2012, the DLT remains the company’s top seller.


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5. Tide Plus Febreze Freshness

Both in the cleaning space, Tide and Febreze partnered to develop a unique line of laundry detergents with the scent of Febreze and will leave your laundry with 3x the freshness. Owned by P&G, this partnership is an excellent match with an appealing scent that will appeal to anyone.

6. Apple & MasterCard

Apple and MasterCard worked together to promote Apple’s digital credit card, combining Mastercard’s expertise in the field with Apple’s slick technology. They wanted to create a different credit card experience focused on the consumer. This includes never sharing or selling data to third parties, along with providing cardholders to shop around the globe.

7. Glad + Gain and Febreze

Here’s another example of businesses collaborating to solve a problem. P&G brought together Gain and Febreze to partner with Glad, creating a solution for smelly trash bags with Febreze and Gain’s scents.


Consumers are more inclined to purchase if it’s supporting a good cause. For more than 14 years, Apple has partnered with (Product) RED to combat HIV and AIDS. Not only does Apple’s iPhone XR Red incorporate the newest technology, but it also helps funds that fight COVID-19.

9. Crest Complete Whitening + Scope

The Crest + Scope toothpaste combines Crest’s whitening power with Scope’s minty freshness, giving consumers the benefit of both companies’ products. P&G combined two of its most popular brands to create one ideal toothpaste.

10. Milka & Oreo

The Swiss chocolate company and famous cookie partnered together to create a delicious chocolate crunch bar that combines both products. Combining a premium brand (Milka) with a fun brand (Oreo) has made a product for all consumers.

There are many benefits to collaborating with another company, whether they offer similar services or completely different ones. With co-branding, you can reach new audiences, create unique products, and get endorsed by another business. But before you decide to co-brand, choose wisely because your brand is your reputation.

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