Market Like You Give a Shit

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Let’s talk about a different kind of marketing here. It’s not just about tools and tech; it’s about something deeper—making genuine human connections that resonate on every level for a company’s unique journey and goals.

Think about it. If a brand’s weak, no strategy, no position—well, marketing’s not gonna fix that. And if they can’t reach customers, speak their language, then sales suffer too. This is all about what happens up front, the stuff that drives revenue, and I’m all about optimizing that from a marketing standpoint.

Let’s skip the BS and develop a marketing strategy that’s not just about grabbing attention but about creating lasting connections. Because in the end, it’s not just about the quick win—it’s about cultivating relationships that stand the test of time.

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Beyond the book

Bobby & Propr encourages you to explore our powerful Brand Strategy Workshop for when it’s time to take action for your brand’s success. A Step-by-step framework to help you clear the crap and focus on what matters most to your brand and customers with empowering and actionable strategies, engaging messaging, and bottomless confidence to build your brand correctly.

“Bobby Gillespie is the ultimate brand pro. Knowing him for several years, it has been amazing to watch him refine and perfect his craft. He is one of the deepest thinkers I know. Bobby G is firm in his convictions and will always give it to you straight. Anyone looking to build or improve their brand will benefit from this book.”

— Chris Feroli, VP of Global Sales at Rivery

“Bobby’s been successfully helping brands for over 20 years but even more impressive is his ability to live out his teachings. If you work with him or subscribe to his content you know he leads by word and example.”

— Ozzy Torres, Marketing Manager at CloseKnit

Market Like You Give a Shit Book mockup

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