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Brand strategy, messaging systems, brand identity refresh, and a custom-designed website for a non-profit foundation dedicated to increasing access to dignified housing to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Non-profit Brand Strategy

In summary, the goal in establishing the Episcopal Impact Fund’s new brand strategy was to explore how to go beyond the Episcopal church, a core audience for the brand, but a limiting factor in the organization’s impact and fundraising goals. We collaborated with the Impact Fund’s executive director and director of communications to develop a values-based brand platform. We focused here first in order to appeal to, connect with, and inspire action from a broad group that shares the same desires and core values but not necessarily the faith.

The new identity system features a refreshed, bold, and expanded visual language with optimized variations on the core identity. In fact, the brand is unquestionably appropriately represented, as Propr’s work ensures an authentic representation of the brand’s reputation across various assets.

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The Design System

 The complex but not complicated design system includes:

  • A particularly sunny and inviting color palette that perfectly embodies the brand’s personality.
  • Strong, clean, and memorable typography that is accessible to all.
  • Logo variations that will ensure proper use and representation of the brand across all media, channels, and future applications
  • The adaptable core brand elements enable the growth of the design system as the organization seeks a more significant impact.
  • An accessible and user-friendly website design that is flexible, scalable, and easy to use while strategically aligned with the goals and objectives. 

Case Study


Like most non-profits and foundations, the Episcopal Impact Fund can certainly do more with more money. As part of the new executive director’s strategic plan, the foundation seeks to build brand awareness with others who share their desire to make a difference for those experiencing homelessness and poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although their core faith-based community is very supportive, our focus was chiefly on growing beyond faith-based, and positioning and communicating through values-based messaging, design, and campaigns.


It always starts with the core values, and the non-profit branding effort seen here is no different. First, we went through the Propr Brand Strategy Workshop to clarify and develop a clear and concise Brand Platform featuring core values, mission and message, personality, and tone of voice to establish the necessary parameters to determine what’s best for the brand and its future. With a powerful and strategic brand platform set, we charge into refreshing and modernizing the brand identity system, creating a lively new identity and supporting assets and guidelines. Lastly, we designed an all-new website, providing information architecture, user experience, user interface design, and copywriting services to create a robust tool to empower the fund’s small but mighty team and community to accomplish their goals and objectives.


Because the rebrand is so fresh, the initial impact can only be measured at this time by the energy, enthusiasm, and unity of the Episcopal Impact Fund team and greater community experience as they roll out the new brand and assets in 2024.

The Brand Platform

The Episcopal Impact Fund Brand Platform


We envision a Bay Area where all our most vulnerable neighbors have access to the dignified housing essential for them to thrive.

Vision is an aspirational, measurable, external-facing statement that defines the impact we intend to make in the mid-to-long term.


Episcopal Impact Fund channels our community’s time, talent, and treasure to support local organizations and programs dedicated to increasing access to dignified housing to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty in the Bay Area.

The mission is an external-facing statement about what we do and for whom.


We exist as a powerful conduit connecting our community’s resources with nonprofits doing heart-centered work to end the cycle of poverty for Bay Area families.

The purpose is the internal rallying cry that captures why we exist and why our people show up to work with the best version of themselves.

The Episcopal Impact Fund Brand Promise

Brand Promise is a statement of what value our audience can expect from us.

Live our values.

Our deeply rooted values drive every decision we make, every partnership we build, and every action we take. When you donate to the Episcopal Impact Fund, you’re not just giving money. You’re living humanitarian values and investing in a more stable future for people facing intergenerational poverty and a better Bay Area for us all.

Amplify impact across the Bay.

Because we’re a foundation and not a service provider, we have the flexibility to give freely to a wide variety of organizations doing deeply impactful work. The extensive network of nonprofits we work with spans the San Francisco Bay Area, so generosity becomes a catalyst for far-reaching change, echoing through numerous communities and creating ripples of support for people who need it most.

Create a legacy of love.

Episcopal Impact Fund ensures that 100% of donations go directly to organizations ending the poverty cycle for Bay Area families. The organizations we work with are often small, led by those with lived experience, and tend to be community-based, so the gift of your generosity is maximally beneficial on many levels and will be felt for generations to come.

Guide giving with expertise.

We’re not satisfied with surface-level actions. We dive deep, using our expertise to uncover smaller, under-resourced organizations doing transformative work and where your gift will make the most significant impact.

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