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Do you have a deep understanding of your target audience and understand what really matters to them?

Propr’s Empathy Mapping Worksheet is designed to help you gain deeper insights into your target audience and identifying critical points like:

  • Most Valuable Customer (MVC),
  • Best¬†marketing¬†channels you should be focusing on,
  • Customer pains & gains, and
  • Key customer insights.
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Propr Results

Empathy Mapping will help you:

  1. Devise user-centered products and interfaces.
  2. Develop compelling content your customers want.
  3. Create highly effective marketing campaigns.
  4. Understand what really matters to your audience.
  5. Confidence to focus your resources on the right channels.
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You’ve Got This

Brands are living, evolving things, and change can be beneficial. Whatever the case may be for your brand, fret not. Propr helps brands in all states, from good to bad, and stages of the corporate life-cycle. We help evaluate your situation, clarify messaging, align culture, unify teams, develop compelling creative, and grow revenue.

Download Propr's Free Empathy Mapping Worksheet