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Propr is a branding agency with a decade of experience developing brands for non-profits. Our Non-Profit Brand Strategy Workshop will empower you with the branding tools that support your mission and vision.

Branding Workshop Benefits

  • Define & refine your non-profit’s branding strategy
  • Connect with & nurture your audiences
  • Grow support and awareness
  • Have a bigger impact
  • Optimize your resources

Propr Agency's Branding Workshop for Non-Profits

Define & Refine Your Branding Platform

When you establish what your non-profit stands for and who your target audiences are, your organization has the tools to focus its efforts to maximize impact.



The first step in your branding journey is to clarify and define your non-profit's authentic core values and contextualize them in practical and actionable ways.


Mission &

The common goal and purpose of what fulfills you and your best people must be established and clear, setting a "North Star" branding strategy for your non-profit that everyone works toward.


Personality &
Tone of Voice

Developing and defining your non-profit's personality and tone of voice gives our agency and your team the parameters to know when your copywriting and designs are appropriate.


Core Brand

Committing to communicating, competing, and connecting through your values and purpose requires composing core messaging that will become the foundation for all unique communications from the brand.



Understanding who your audiences are, what’s important to them, who and what is influencing them, and how they measure success empowers your strategic teams and collaborators with actionable insights to maximize branding efforts.


Audit & Branding

We will confidently ask and answer the critically important question, “What is best for your non-profit?" Here, Propr Agency makes our recommendations, set priorities, and devise a plan to transform your brand for performance.

Agency Deliverables: Analysis & Recommendations, Branding Strategy Doc, Brand Growth Roadmap

Brand Strategy Workshop Add-ons/ Bundle Options*

Powerful Supporting Services

For more established brands, deeper dives are warranted to develop a full 360-degree view of your market and situation. Smaller brands can bundle design & writing services. See our complete branding and creative services & capabilities.

Deeper Research & Insights

  • Stakeholder
  • Internal & External
  • Competitor
  • Keyword

*Larger projects that involve extensive branding or rebranding, brand communications, and enterprise websites following the Brand Strategy Workshop are bundled and or scoped separately.

Why our Brand Strategy Workshop Works for Non-Profits

Our branding agency specializes in helping non-profits identify and articulate what sets your non-profit apart, including core values, mission, vision, and personality – all crucial elements for a sustainable and scalable branding strategy. We ensure these foundational pieces are clear, concise, and actionable for everyone involved. By working with Propr Agency, you’ll have a unified team that fully understands your mission and goals, and can help you achieve consistent brand success. It can be difficult to tackle this alone, but we’re here to cut through the noise and help you build an outstanding and highly impactful non-profit.

Propr Agency helped us gain some alignment internally regarding who we were, who our audience was, which opportunities and challenges we had, and what our core messaging should be. They were one of the best agencies I’d ever worked with.

Abbi Ludwig
VP Marketing
Port Discovery

Propr Agency's Brand Strategy Workshop helped us clarify our values and messaging, which reduced our sales cycle from nearly 12 months to 8 weeks. We significantly increased revenue and hit our three-year goals six months after the Workshop.

Todd Jones
Managing Director
WebbMason Analytics

Propr Agency has a thorough understanding of our brand positioning and has translated that into results. Our new brand strategy and style guide has helped us make smarter decisions that help bring forward a stronger brand message among our clients.

Sarah Cunningham
Director of Marketing
Greenspring Advisors

The Brand Strategy Workshop Origins

Branding Workshops are run and facilitated by Propr Agency’s executive team. The Workshop is Bobby’s brainchild, initially designed in 2013 to dig deep into your operations and goals to understand what’s best for your brand and audiences. This process eliminates ego and whim from major-impact projects, achieving significant results and brand performance. In ten-plus years, the Propr Agency has helped dozens of organizations solidify the most critical facets of their brand, unifying teams and eliminating many of the common challenges keeping non-profits from exceeding their goals.

Non-Profit Brand Strategy Workshop Alumni

Port Discovery Children's Museum logo
College of Education
Episcopal Impact Fund Non Profit - Propr Agency
The Reginald F. Lewis Foundation - Propr Agency


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