Your Rep is your Brand

Your brand isn’t a logo or a bunch of products or services. While these are part of it, your brand is your reputation.

If you make and sell crappy stuff, that’s your brand.

If you treat people poorly, are being spiteful, or talk down to others, yep, you are a jerk and that’s your brand.

So, please be mindful of these things. Because if your actions or your people’s actions don’t align with what you aspire to be known as go work on that right now before your bad reputation becomes your legacy.

Remember, when we aren’t mindful and consistent, we don’t get the reputation we want, we get the reputation we deserve.


It’s your boy, Bobby G from Propr Design. When someone mentions branding to you, what do you think of well most of us think of a logo. But that is not what your brand is. Your brand is something that’s aspirational. And for us, we always push the notion that your brand equals your reputation. So when you think about in those terms, it’s a lot more approachable. Because a reputation is something that you constantly have to work at. It’s aspirational, right? If your current reputation is not the one you want, well, then you have to say like, this is what we want to be known as this is what we want our rep to be. Let’s work towards that. So when you think of a brand as a logo, or products or services, yeah, that’s part of the equation. But there’s another important part that people often neglect. And it’s how you act. Recently, we’ve been, you know, working with some clients, where other agencies have had their, you know, control their website or their assets. And they willfully are obstructing or making it difficult for us to gain access to our client’s assets. Now, that’s the reputation though. They’re, known as, you know, jerks. So, you know, be mindful that, be mindful that it’s not just your logo, your website that makes up your brand. It’s how you treat people. It’s, it’s how you talk to people. All those things make up the equation that delivers your brand. So if you want to be known as somebody who’s hospitable, or cool, fair, kind, then you have to do that all the time. Because if you’re not consistent with that, just like if you’re not consistent with the usage of your brand identity, you’re going to lead to a reputation that you deserve, but you don’t desire. Okay, just a little message. For those out there. Doing crappy stuff. This one’s for you, sir.


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