What do you really give a shit about?

What do you really give a shit about?
Why? What pisses you off? Seriously, what’s the story?

These stories are the best way to make your brand stand out and attract the right people to it. Meanwhile, you’ll repel the wrong people. That’s how your market a brand to the right people and make real connections.


Hey, it’s your boy Bobby G from Propr Design question. What do you give a shit about? Seriously? What do you truly give a shit about? And why? What’s the story behind that? You passionately care about what pisses you off? Are you telling your stories or are you being obvious about what you and your brand care about? If you’re not you have to, because that’s the best way to make your brand stand out and to make real connections with real people, not just any people, the right people. And the bonuses, the wrong people will be repelled. They won’t come anywhere near you, because they know what you’re all about. They know you care about they know what you’re passionate about. They know you give a shit about so think about when you give a shit about and tell that story. I’ll see you soon.




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