Tis the Worst Season

Prepare thyself; the worst in marketing and advertising is upon us.

Over the next several weeks, TV, radio, and streaming will be showcasing a masterclass on advertising gimmicks, platitudes, tone-deafness, and noise.

Brands will have spent significant resources to fund this masterclass. Agencies of all sizes and ilks will have contributed substantial creative power in a massive effort to persuade, manipulate, and trick us into doing things we don’t want or need to do.

Of course, it is vital to market your brand and business, but it doesn’t have to be what we are seeing. There is another way, a better way if you ask me.

That way is to be genuine, be real, be authentic. Consumers want to engage with brands they relate to and have a purpose greater than unlimited growth. The shit-show of holiday marketing campaigns and advertising is the opposite of the better way.

As you reflect on how to scale and grow your brand, focus on communicating, competing, and connecting through what matters most to your brand and your customers, then work hard on having meaningful conversations around that.

Happy holidays, and remember, to always keep it real.


Hey it’s your boy Bobby G from Propr Design.

Tis the season, right, tis the season for a lot of things but, but worst of all, tis the season for the worst part of marketing and advertising, where many companies and agencies use their creative prowess and budgets, to persuade us heavily persuade us into doing things we don’t want to do. Buying things we don’t want or need, and exploiting those for our own sort of false sense of, of how they joy.

Right? So it kinda, it’s kind of dark side of the holidays, right? Like, we want to, we want to celebrate the good things, we want to celebrate one another, and relationships and stuff like that. We also want to really focus on why they do that. And they do it is just to make money, more money, consume more. And when we think about how we advise our brands or our clients, it’s to make meaningful connections, real connections, real people, right, and we do that authentically. Not the latest gimmick or clever slogan or holiday campaign. It’s, it’s more than that. It’s, it’s real. Right?

It’s using our purpose, our mission, our values, our principles, to align with and attract the folks that feel the same way about the same stuff? Right. So we don’t want to use gimmicks, we don’t want to use our creativity to trick people to give us their money. We want to help them see that like, Hey, you have a need, we can help your need. Right? And have real conversations, make real connections, compete on a level that, you know, they’ll want to compete with us when we’re our truly authentic selves. Right? That really works.

You know, to throw a bunch of money to say, you know, oh, you know, the holidays were the platitudes, right? Oh, this season of giving like or, you know, come on, you know, that’s BS, and the ones that are doing it, but the companies and the agencies, shame on you. Shame on you. Alright, so I want to wish you guys a great holiday season. And I will remind you, that we know but also to keep it real.

See you soon.


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