Let’s talk about positioning your business to NOT be a commodity.

If you are competing on products or services alone, you are commoditizing your company. The result of that will be a race to the bottom on pricing and profits. I’m sure you don’t want to be the cheapest in the game.

If you can position your products or services in a way that shows a clear differentiation with results or outcomes that few can match, then you are different and better. The result will be higher demand and with a great position comes great profits.

But it ain’t easy. If you need some help, get in touch or leave a message. Propr has helped dozens of companies differentiate, create an advantage and get unmatched results. I’d love to catch up and see how we can help you.


Hey, it’s your boy, Bobby G from Propr Design. And let’s talk about positioning your business to not be a commodity, a company that competes on products and services alone commoditizes themselves because they don’t have a clear value proposition or differentiator. And once you’ve commoditized yourself, it’s a race to the bottom. With your pricing, you know, the only way you’ll grow is by taking on more work right with slim profit margins or selling more widgets. And, you know, unfortunately, too many companies operate this way. And they never see a profit. But the other day I was speaking to a client. And, you know, I was telling him like, Listen, let’s identify what makes your company special and unique. And, you know, it’s your thinking, it’s your process, it’s how you get results that other companies, you know, really can’t deliver on, right. So that’s your promise. And you know, what that differentiation, and if you can position yourself as one of the few that offer that service or those products that are going to get people those results, then you’re going to be in a lot bigger demand. And when there’s a high demand and a high need, then your pricing should reflect that. Right? So positioning is all about, you know, put yourself in the right place and charging the right amount, but it’s hard, right? So if you’re struggling with that, you know, Propr, has really helped dozens of B2B and B2C customers, you know, really find a differentiation, the differentiator, you know, positioning themselves the right way, creating their advantage, and then, you know, beating the crap out of their competition. And if that’s something you’re interested in doing, like leave a message I’d love to catch up and talk some shop and see if we can help you.


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