March 1st = Get Excited

It is March 1st! Let’s get excited about that.

The end-of-year grind doesn’t end at the end of the year; it rumbles on through February. That’s why I like to look at March 1st as the beginning of the new year and a great time to hit the reset button.

Here are five reasons why business leaders should be excited for March 1.

1. It is the unofficial beginning of the marketing calendar year.
2. Baseball!
3. February is over. And us in the northern states, say good riddance!
4. The new year is broken in; what have we learned, and what can we predict at this point to get more out of 2021?
5. Spring starts in 20 days!

While the year is moving quickly, March 1st is the right time to re-evaluate your marketing for the year. If your plan has struggled to gain traction or you’re sick of your poorly performing website, don’t wait any longer to invest in turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Propr is here to help improve your situation and maximize the ROIU on your website and marketing efforts. Get in touch if you’d like to catch up and talk shop about how to the right the ship and crush the rest of 2021.


Hey, it’s your boy Bobby G for Propr Design. And today I’m excited. I’m excited because it’s March 1, and March 1 is more exciting for me than January 1st. Why? Well, let’s be honest, the end-of-year grind doesn’t end at the end of the year. Right? It rumbles all the way through February. That’s why I look at March 1, as really be, you know, for me, my official beginning of the year. And, you know, I had this conversation a lot. And I was talking with some folks today, where it’s like, hey, listen, you know, March 1st is the time to really look at where you are in the year, you know, the assumptions you made back in, you know, November and December, how the beginning of the year was going to, you know, pan out, probably didn’t come close to really getting it right. So, no, March 1st is really kind of the hit the reset button, reassess, reevaluate where you are, but also, it’s a great time to unleash things, right. So I have five reasons why business leaders should be excited like I am for March 1st. One, it’s the unofficial beginning of the marketing calendar year. Why what? Yeah, that’s right. unleashing your yearly marketing campaign in January, February. While that’s good to do, you should definitely mark it all year. But the campaign you started in January and ran through February shouldn’t be the campaign you’re running the rest of the year. Use today use the beginning of March, as the time to assess that, that 60 ish days of insights and data to collect it, right. So you know, use that information, use this timestamp, as, you know, the me to go and say, Okay, this is what we’ve learned, this is what we’ve done. This is where we are right, this is where we’re wrong. This is where we see other opportunities, and then kind of pivot things and roll things out further through, you know, the rest of the quarter into Q2. Number two, baseball, the start of spring training is always welcome, right and, and that’s a sign that spring is right around the corner. Number three, February is over. Do I need to say more to my friends and then the northern states I don’t think so. Number four, the New Year’s broken in, meaning the freshness of the years dissipates it. And we kind of into ebbs and flows of things. And we’re seeing how, you know, it’s going to shake out, obviously, there’s the unknown, like March of last year is when COVID really hit, you know, the states and kind of disrupted everything. And that always can happen, right but a couple months into the year, we see how things are flowing, we have a good idea of you know how to predict and think about the future. And like I said in point one, like this is a good time to reassess what you’re doing. And number five, the best of all, it is 20 days to the first day of spring, right? I love it, it’s a great time of the year. I love the transition and a fresh start that comes with spring with the flowers and the trees and the green. And you know, January 1st, while it is the official start of the new year, it really doesn’t have the same flair and excitement that you know, springtime has. So you know, obviously the years moving fast as I say the days are long and the years are short. But March 1st is the right time to reevaluate your marketing and what you’re doing. It’s also a good time to you know, dig in, say like we’re not doing anything, right or, you know, our marketing plan is struggling to gain traction, or our website just remains a poorly performing property that we own right. So, you know, use this time to reassess that situation. You see where your revenue is, is headed for this year. And say like, okay, you know what we’re ready to invest in being better, ready to invest in competing at a higher level, we’re ready to invest in getting a bigger piece of the market share and growing the company, right. So if you’re, you know, ready to, you know, flourish with the spring, leave it to leave a comment, or get in touch with us at Propr. We’re helping companies all the time transition from taking their you to know, their weaknesses and making them strengths and we’d love to do it for you.



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