Keep it Real

Are you striving or struggling to have clarity into what your brand honestly and authentically is? The Propr Brand Clarity Workshop can help empower you and your organization to be better by confidently clarifying who you indeed are as a brand. To sustain and grow your brand, this clarity matters.

If you are interested in keeping it real to:
– Create more loyal customers
– Develop smoother and more effective marketing
– See better-engaged & more enthusiastic employees
– Unleash the power to make consistently better decisions

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I’ll follow up to talk more with you about how the Propr Brand Clarity Workshop can transform your business and leadership team to be better, no matter how you define better.


It’s your boy Bobby G from Propr Design. One of our core values is to always keep it real meaning we want to be genuine and authentic and never phony. We always want to be ourselves. And we want you to do the same. So that’s why we create the Propr brand clarity workshop. The clarity comes from knowing what you and your brand is all about at its core, not trying to be something you’re not. I’m just describing the workshop, I like to use a story of Michelangelo, the statue of David, I’m sure you’ve heard it before. But on unverified, someone asked Michelangelo, how he was able to create the statue of David. He said it was easy. He just chiseled away the stone. That wasn’t David. Right. And that means that David was already there, he just set it free. And we think of your brand the same way, it’s already there. It’s just distracting, you’re just distracted by other things that need to be cleared away. So it’s exposed, and it becomes your beacon and rally point, you know, for the future of your company. And it feels amazing, right? It’s like, you know, business therapy, executive therapy. Well, but you know, what it doesn’t do is design your brand. Now, we aren’t interested and no one should be interested in putting up a false facade. You know, the people that think that’s a good idea, a good strategy, you know, why? Why do they want to spend their energy and time to lie or try to bullshit people? Because in the end, they’ll be found out that that false narrative doesn’t last long. And when I get exposed, where’s the reputation shot?

For those of us who want to keep it real, you know, for nothing else, you’re going to have a more successful company, you’ll see greater customer loyalty, more engaged and enthusiastic employees. And your marketing efforts will feel like you had the wind at your back. Your messaging will be easier to compose because there’s clarity and authentic authenticity there. But we know it’s not easy, right? Even with ourselves, even with me, been doing this for 21 years, 20 plus years. You know, but we’ve seen it with ourselves and dozens of clients over the years. You know, it’s challenging to reveal your David. But there’s hope. There’s a process. There’s a workshop in fact, that you know, the Propr brand clarity workshop will help you get there, we will empower you and your organization to be better, no matter how you define better. So if you’re struggling, but desire to be more genuine, authentic, to have clarity around what your brand is all about to exposure, David, leave a comment with your email. I’d love to talk to you more about it, or you know, get in touch through our website. Because at the end of the day, let’s just keep it real.


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