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As leaders, we understand evaluating & hiring the right agency for your business is a critical decision.

Recently I was talking to a prospective client whose current website wasn’t conveying the right message. With these common symptoms, a solution seems obvious. But, they didn’t truly understand the problem, so their proposed solution, at best, would only mask their symptoms.

I said to them they need to dig deeper to look at the causes of the problem, then focus on the future beyond eliminating the current issues. Once those problems are gone, would their new website be the tool their business needed? We are advisors first, so these are the five points I recommended to them to get what they needed to get big results for their company:

1. Make sure the agency puts the A-Players on the project
2. You share values with the agency and understand their process
3. They put your best interest upfront by first understanding then recommending, not just selling
4. They care more about results, not ego
5. They provide a custom plan for your business, not dogma

If you are feeling like your current agency isn’t the right fit, or you’re struggling to find an agency that is dedicated to helping in your best interest, give me a shout.


Hey, it’s your boy Bobby G from Propr Design. As leaders, we understand evaluating and hiring the right agency for your business is a critical decision. Yeah, recently I was speaking to a prospective client whose current website wasn’t really conveying the right message. And it was old, it’s problematic, it really wasn’t a tool for growing the business. In fact, it was hurting the business. But as many do, they struggled to understand the problem, determining what their priority should be, and how to put together a budget and plan to reach their goals. They felt salvaging the old website was their first priority, then creating an all-new website down the line, I did advise him with the following, you know, if he was going to invest in salvaging that old website, right spending money, and time and resources, just to go and blow it up down the line, it’d be wasting his time, right, we don’t want to look back, we want to look forward. In our conversation, I realized that a lot of people, you know, kind of don’t, don’t have the savviness to understand when an agency is right for them. So here are five points that I put together to help you vet them out. Right, number one, make sure they put the A players in the project, not just on the sales call to ensure the agency does is insists on finding out who will be working on the project, right, not just the people who were involved in the pitch, you know what their involvement will be and who is accountable for what you want the A players involved, that’s what you’re paying for. And, you know, just to be sure that your investment isn’t being handled by somebody who’s just fresh out of school, and doesn’t have sort of the experience to deliver on what you deserve. Number two, you share their values. And you know, you understand the processes that they use to deliver things like a laundry list of services, and portfolios are not guarantees. There are countless agencies that offer similar services, right? It’s not just delivering the work, but delivering the results and giving you the tools and confidence to be able to run with it right, and making sure that what matters to you also matters to them with shared values. Number three, that they’re gonna put your best interest at the front, right, we have a saying around here, the agency is not determined to get to know you, your unique business, your unique challenges, and what your customers really care about. How can I know what’s right for your company? Right? How can they jump right into implementation without understanding the situation? That’s just selling what you want, not what you need, right? So be sure that they’re advising and understanding your unique situation. Number four, they care about results, not ego, don’t be awed by fancy offices, you know, with the bar and the toys and the arcades and things like that, you know, while these things are fun to have run the office, there’s no direct correlation between delivering the results you want. And, you know, the impression that this fancy stuff kind of makes, but also who’s paying for that stuff? Right? You are right? Do you really want to pay for this huge office with a bar? Or do you want to pay for, you know, an investment into your company that’s going to help you grow and be better? Right? So number five, there is no dogma, right? So there’s no one approach or one philosophy of brand development or design or interface design, or marketing that works for everybody. It’s like algebra. the formulas are similar, but the variables are always unique to your company, to your situation to what your client needs. So make sure that they’re not you know, preaching dogma to you make sure they’re understanding the situation, and putting together a plan that is custom for you. Thanks for watching. I hope this is helpful. Now, if you’re struggling with hiring the best agency for your company, leave a comment. Let’s catch up. You know, we’ve helped you know countless B2B and B2C companies maximize their ROI by differentiating, creating an advantage, thinking differently, building momentum, and growing revenue.


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