I Wrote a Book

I wrote a book.

I wrote a book about branding that has nothing to do with design.


What’s up friends? It’s your boy, Bobby G. From Propr back in 1999. I started my career working at.com and I spent, you know, 22 years, 23 years in the business working both in-house and the first half of my career. And on the agency side for the second half. And for the past eight years, I run my own agency. So, you know, in all that experience, there’s one common theme around the, most successful brands and businesses that I’ve worked with and helped is that they give a shit. And, a lot of themes that support what giving a shit is all about. So the good news is I wrote a book about, I wrote a book about giving a shit about your brand, giving a shit about your reputation, your impact on the world, your impact, all in business and your success. So check out the first link. The first comment rather for a link to the book. Check it out, let me know what we think. Hope you enjoy it. See you soon.



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