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Sharing my opinion about building a strong and sustainable brand through good leadership and vision, and the role of the CEO and I’d love to know what you think.


Hey, everybody, it’s boy, Bobby G from Propr Design today I want to share an opinion, opinion about CEOs have been seen a lot of folks, you know, transition into the CEO role out of the CEO, role Chief Operating Officer or CFO, Chief Financial Officer. And it’s problematic. Why is it problematic? Well, CEO is the leader of the company that sets the vision that leads the company into the future, right, the future state, what does the future state the CEO, kind of dictates that? The CFO on the other hand, while there may be a capable leader, with, you know, impressive resume and they’ve done the work to become, you know, a senior person in the company, they’re looking to the past, right, looking at numbers, they’re looking at data. They are making assumptions and predictions based on what they’re seeing in the market, but their whole world is looking at things that have already happened. Not setting the vision for the future. Same thing, this yellow, they’re looking at the day-to-day. They are predicting how to scale and grow operations and improve processes. But that’s not visionary. That’s not looking to the future. That’s not setting something, a Northstar for your company to rally behind. Right. So, you know, this isn’t across the board, obviously, some folks that come from that seat that operations role or financial role can do well as the chief executive. But the best chief executives are the ones that, you know, they’re there, their mind is wired for strategy wired for growth wired for vision, you know, and that’s what people are going to rally behind. Sometimes when you get a CFO or CIO in that CEO role, you’ll see things like downsizing layoffs, people who are dedicated to the company, or let go, because it’s a line item. And, you know, over the past 30, 40 years, there’s been too many CEOs and CFOs leading, you know, great companies into, you know, troubled waters that may seem like they’re more valuable. They may seem like, they’re, they’re worth more they may, you know, but at the end of the day, what are they doing? They’re looking at line items, not looking at the people that make that company great. And investing in them being dedicated to that. Those are, you know, that are focused on strategy and vision and relationships. They are creating companies that are sustainable, romaine growing, they may not see a spike or, you know, it might not be a hack to get them to bigger and better, bigger or more valuable or more profitable. In the short term, long term. They’re doing great harm. So that’s my opinion. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment.


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