Everything is Marketing

“Everything is marketing.” Seth Godin

In other words, everything you say, do, create, et cetera sends a message, that message is marketing. But the connection and feeling those things create, that’s branding.

If your messaging and website aren’t telling the right story, you are marketing the wrong thing. Which will hurt your brand (as well as your business revenue, and bottom line).

We created the Propr Brand Clarity Workshop to help you solidify authentic and appropriate messaging, websites, and all the assets and vehicles you need to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time and place to build your brand and grow your business.

Sound like something you need help with? Hit reply or DM me, I’d love to learn more about you and showcase how the workshop can empower you and your brand.


Hey, it’s your boy, Bobby G from Propr Design. It’s been a long overdue, but I finally got around to reading Seth Godin’s book, this is marketing, great book, or recommend it. No spoilers, but the theme of the book is everything is marketing, everything is sending a message. Right. And, you know, I love that I think I think I can, I can jive with that. But, you know, you think about what that message is that your actions, your staff, your assets, your messaging is really sending. And that interpretation, that feeling that the recipient gets is your, you know, how your reputation is established. And anybody that that’s, you know, kind of see my stuff here knows that we equate brand with reputation, brand equals reputation, right? So your marketing is sending a message, that message leads to how people feel and think of you. And if everything is marketing, then everything you’re doing saying publishing, you know, is impacting your brand. Okay, so that that’s that should be eye-opening, to most comforting to some scary to even others. So how do you? How do you evaluate your marketing? When everything is marketing? And the impact? Is your reputation your brand? Well, you know, you think about your last big project in terms of your marketing and probably involved updating your website and content and things like that, and putting together a strategic plan to lock it that stuff or use your website is the hub of your marketing activity. But did you stop and say like, Okay, well, what’s the the end interpretation? What’s the overarching message that we want people to take away. And far too often that’s overlooked or neglected or even not even considered. But you know, that’s, that’s where we operate. Propr starts with understanding who you’re who you are, and then who your target for your messaging is where your marketing is, you know, the reason we do that is because we want to put, you know, we want to build authentic brands, we don’t want to use marketing to trick people or PR to, to cover our, our evil deeds, like so many companies do. We want to make authentic connections and help our customers make authentic connections. So when we know, understand who you are as a brand, authentically, and we understand who your customers are, then we can really confidently put together a map out, you know, the right message to the right people in the right tone, in the right place, to inspire them to make the right connection to put out the right mood and feel. So they feel confident to take steps to take action. And we call this exercise, the Propr brand clarity workshop. And it really truly is the foundation for everything we do. Before implementation, and implementation means writing, copy, writing, messaging, designing and building websites, strategic plan around you know, growth, marketing, what’s the best tactics and approaches, and where the vehicles we need to create to get down the right channels to where people are all that stuff, right? You know, most folks, we’ll just jump right into the implementation side. But really, really start with the most important side is you know, identifying who you really are, who your customers are, what you both care about most. So those connections can be authentic. So if that sounds like something interesting to you, let’s chat, leave a message, leave a comment, get in touch via are on our website. You know the workshop can really make a difference for you and your brand and solidify your legacy. So that’s it for now. Have a great weekend. See you around.


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