Dynamic Brand Guidelines

Empower your marketing with dynamic brand guidelines that will eliminate many of the problems associated with managing and growing a strong brand. Watch to learn more about how we do it at Propr and what they are.


What’s up, guys? It’s your boy, Bobby G from Propr. So another way that we’re helping our clients really be more self-sufficient and consistent and empowered to do what everyone’s trying to do right now is still hit high numbers with less in a very weird market. So this is what we’re looking at here is the new age brand guidelines. So historically, brand guidelines have been handed off in a binder format, later a P D F format. And we’ve always seen that the P d F format is problematic because version control; and people have data outdated ones, people have new ones, not everyone’s working at the same thing with these dynamic, bright brand guidelines that we started producing for clients last year that eliminates all those problems and risk associate with the old way of doing it. This is the modern way of doing it, and the value is exceptional. So it is a single web, web platform. Historically the problem was that it just the technology wasn’t there to be able to build something that works with a budget that could deliver something this dynamic and powerful. But that, that with Webflow, we’re able to produce these things and hand ’em off to our clients and really set ’em up for success.

Whether you’re working with in-house teams or extensive collaborators and vendors and agencies, this could make sure that everybody’s working up the same things. So there’s no risk to version control, and there’s no risk to using the wrong logos or file formats or colors or typography. So let’s get in here and check this out. So this is a dynamic website. It’s responsive if that matters, but most people are working from their computers. We get into seeing all the assets that are associated with a strong, foundationally powerful brand. So we have their messaging, the brand, platform, messaging, values, personality, tone of voice, information about the audience positive, all the things that are relevant to make sure that everybody, whether someone is writing for your brand or running your digital marketing or advertising, providing them with this is, is really going to make sure that they’re in a position to be successful. We also have getting into the logo system. We have all the assets here. We have variations and additional assets. We, you, everyone downloads ’em from a shared source. Okay? We show what to do, what not to do, how much space minimum sizing, do’s, and don’t, right?

This is making sure that even if somebody’s a salesperson or a biz dev or creating in-house content, this is gonna make sure whether they’re a designer or not, they know the rules. They can’t mess it up as long as they abide by what’s provided. Get it into type rules. All right? So the, you know, you can get the font when it’s available. If it’s a designer font, then you have to get it from yours, Adobe, or other accounts. But this is showing everything that is relevant to the brand, getting into color, right? The color palettes in the color spaces are relevant. Fun names getting into iconography. So this is also establishing the groundwork and foundation for the brand as new assets and colors, and types may be needed. We have created the styles around what is appropriate, and that can be expanded upon and revise and updated dos and don’ts. No drop shadow.

What’s wrong? You don’t distort this. Don’t mix up these colors. And then even photography and editorial style. All right? This is what we’re looking for. This is making sure, so like you hand us off to your photographer or in-house people shooting, this makes sure that everybody is doing what’s right and consistent to make sure that you’re earning the re reputation with your brand every day, and you are completely self-sufficient internally and with your collaborators and, and, and vendors that you’re doing what’s best for the brand. So this is what it is, folks. This is new; this is the new error. This is what Dynamic brand guidelines can provide you and your company. And we provide this as looks like Batista. We provide this as a high-value tool deliverable to our clients. And this is if this is something that your company could benefit from, drop us a line at proper, we’d love to help you out.


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