Core Message Formula

Struggling with the core messaging of your brand? This video is for you.

As always, start with your core value to help define what you are enthusiastic about what you do and how that is fulfilling. The, like the energy of the sun, radiating out from there what you actually, do, whom you do it for, and what makes you special and different.

If you hit a wall like so many of us do, we got your back, leave a comment and we can chat more about unleashing your brand’s potential.


Hey, Happy Friday, it’s your boy Bobby G for Propr Design, we talk a lot about messaging because messaging is most probably one of the most critical aspects of your brand. And business leaders and marketers and everybody on your team probably has the same struggles we’ve seen across dozens and dozens of businesses we’ve worked with, including myself, you know, the challenges around messaging are real. So you know, we have an approach, sort of a formula that we like to use that I want to encourage you to try out for yourself. So to get the real messaging, for your business core messaging, you start with your core values, right? Your core values are the three or four actionable statements that really define what you care about most what be what matters most to you and your company, the non-negotiable aspects of that. And they lead to next, they influence your why you do what you do. Okay? Simon Sinek made it popular, but your y is basically, what fulfills you and what are you enthusiastic about, okay, it’s not what you do or how you do it, or anything like that it’s why you do it, okay? It better not be just to make money, because you can just close this video down. So you have your core buys what matters most to you, you have your why, what fulfills you, what drives you, and then radiate out from there, right? Think about the sun and the center of the solar system, right with all the planets out, and the lights radiating and the energies radiating out from our favorite star. So your why, what fulfills you then what you do, right, the actual industry you’re in, who you do it for, and then what makes you different. So when you use that formula, starting with your core values, then your why. And then the rest, you have a nice, you know, approach practical approach to composing a compelling and authentic core message that should inspire all the messaging that your company puts out. So when you have that concise and clear and powerful core messaging, you’re going to be a better company, you’re going to be a better leader, right? No matter how you define better. Okay, so hopefully this tip helps you out if you need some help your core messaging, we got your back, leave a comment I’ll get in touch or hit us up on our website and have yourself a great weekend.



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