Brand Personality

A common condition our clients experience is brand confusion. But they don’t have to.

Is the writing for your brand all over the place? With each writer or contributor using a different tone of voice and word choice?

That’s brand confusion.

Does your design change day by day or month by month? Are you designing assets and content based on the whims and preferences of your CEO or designer?

That’s brand confusion.

Does “your stuff” not tell the right story or send the wrong message, but you can’t figure out what’s right, but you know it’s wrong?

That’s brand confusion.

To eliminate brand confusion, try the fun Brand Personality exercise described in this video to put some empowering structure around your brand personality–tone of voice and visual aesthetic–and put consistent content out there. This will make all your marketing more engaging and fruitful by eliminating the frustration around the lack of structure.


Hey, it’s your boy, Bobby G from Propr Design. Many of our clients, they feel in their gut that, you know, their designs or their tone of voice or the writing just doesn’t feel right. But I don’t know why they don’t know how to fix that, right. And for us, when we hear that, it’s often a symptom of not having the right tone of voice or clarified that visual static. In other words, they haven’t clearly defined their brand personality. Now you’ll notice, you know, with other brands, when you see designs are inconsistent, or just jumping all over the place, or the writing’s inconsistent. The word choice is inconsistent, all that inconsistency puts a bad face forward for your brand. Now, we have a really fun exercise that we take our clients through, and you can just go do it yourself to really put some nice structure, empowering structure around, you know, your brand’s personality. So what we do is say, hey, listen, who is the famous person, it could be, could be real, they could be, you know, deceased, it could be fictional, but who is a famous person that best represents your brand? And, you know, take this, do this exercise, grab your core people grab the people that are most intimate with your brand, the leadership, the founders, and go through this exercise. And, and this is what you do. You say, hey, start anywhere, is our brand X or Y, you know, is our brand Hulk Hogan or Harrison Ford as our brand, Harry Potter or Henry Kissinger, right? Go through that. Whichever one is more appropriate? Say yes. And the one that’s inappropriate, say no. And keep going until you feel in your gut that you’ve got, you’ve got the right, personification, right? And that’s how you’ll know you feel in your gut when it feels right. You know, and when it feels right, just pause, say, Okay, let’s go sleep on it. And the next day, when you sleep on it, close your eyes and say, could I envision this person being the spokesperson for our brand or the leader of our brand, right? That’s how you’ll know it’s right. Okay, so at the end of the day, we want to make sure it’s right. We want to make sure it’s real and authentic. Because if it’s not, you’re just hurting yourself further, right? Because, you know, keeping it real is always good. Fronting is always wrong. Okay. So, you know, I would love to hear who your brand personification is. Us a while, you know, we really like Anthony Bourdain because he was very interesting. He was all about the story, the relationship, the experience, the people, good food and drink with people, right? We love all that stuff. Oh, and he just so happened to be a fantastic chef. So think about it, play with it. Define your brand personality. Let us know if we can help. I’ll see you soon.


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